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  1. Every table is in-app purchase?!?
    Yeah everything about this is cool, but if you have to buy every single table then it’s a rip off! I wouldn’t spend upwards on ten dollars in this game just to have different backgrounds for play, which is essentially what the different tables are. RIP OFF!!!!
  2. Monica Lynn Hogle
    Love so much, thank you so much for everything. I believe in Ghosts. Thank you so much I Love E.T. so much.
  3. Back to the Future 1..2..3...
    Loving the table BTTF. It has been an all favorite movie of mine and I was glad it finally came to Zen... I don't have much money to buy tables... and wish there were more than just one free table, but I had to grab this one for only 2$ Many thanks!
  4. Terrible
    This game is soooooo bad... Why do you make everyone have to pay to play you might as well give 1 free one... And if you don’t then just make the game cost money
  5. There’s no games
    Downloaded the app, but there’s no games. You have to ‘buy the table’ to okay the game.
  6. iPhone X Support
    With this game being played in portrait mode iPhone X support. Cannot get it a higher rating until then.
  7. iPhone X
    Maybe an update for the iPhone X screen?
  8. For the love of pinball
    The sounds and lights take me back to being a kid. I love this game. Instant favorite!
  9. You're a wizard Harry!
    I never knew pinball was more than just keeping a ball from leaving the bottom of the table. There are missions and goals and big bonuses that all contribute to you becoming a true pinball wizard! I can't stop buying tables even though the one that came with the initial download is amazing in its own right!!
  10. Wonderful game!
    I love the gameplay and the variety of boards available! (And their support staff is helpful too if you ever need them)
  11. Excellent pinball!
    The tables are gorgeous and play wonderfully. They keep coming out with new content! Can’t wait for the Pinball FX3 to come to mobile.
  12. Not as HD as android...3 years later.
    This app is aging very quickly. It’s still not as HD as the android version and is not optimized for the iPhone X. I won’t be buying anymore tables until we get an update. Thx.
  13. Excellent game, but needs iPhone X fix
    The placement of the flippers are too low on the iPhone X. My thumbs are often pressing half an inch too high and causing me to miss and making the game uncomfortable play. Other than that it’s the best pinball game on the market.
  14. Good!
    It’s pinball. If you like pinball go for it.
  15. Love it!!!
    Flawless. Love the physics, love the variety of tables for sale (and the reasonable price of them) Love everything about it. Well done.
  16. I purchased TWD
    I had purchased the Walking Dead game awhile ago when I had an Android device. I purchased an iPhone and downloaded Zen Pinball. Is there a way I can get this game back without having to repurchase the Walking Dead?
  17. 3/5
    PS4 is much better. Playing on new IPad and the quality is considerably lower...which is acceptable for a few more rounds of IPads, but that won’t last forever. It’s still good, in terms of physics and gameplay....but the PS4 version really has finish and style. Tables look like the real thing, finely polished and slick.
  18. Too Many App When All Could Be Combined
    This seller is ridiculous and I hate it so much. I purchased many in app on this and I also have Marvel Pinball. Though they have Marvel on this, they won’t bring them together. You have to have multiple app filling your screen for nothing. Apple should charge them lots of money just to host their apps. It’s the only way to get this seller to behave.
  19. Very realistic
    This is a very enjoyable game. I was in an arcade recently and there were no pinball machines. This is the only way I found to play pinball, my favorite of all the arcade games.
  20. Absolutely wonderful
    I've had this game for quite some time now. They're pinball machines are top notch and feel great to play. They all look beautiful, and they are all a fair price. I'd definitely spend more on an actual pinball machine that a dollar, and with these, I can play as much as I want. I've never regretted a purchase with Zen.


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