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  1. Love this but there's issues
    It keeps freezing up and eliminating lives when it freezes.
  2. Entertaining and relaxing
    Very entertaining. It's great when I'm studying. It relaxes me when I get overwhelmed. Takes my mind off a little.
  3. Fair Frenzy
    I had gotten to level 136, and absolutely could not pass.I was so frustrated so I deleted it. I am trying again , but not sure I will stick with it.It is so discouraging to get stuck on a level for weeks.
  4. Fun.. But.
    As I played this game it got better. I have tried many games just to end up deleting them do to boring repetition. Most of us like a challenge to hold our interest and this game seemed to be setup to let you play as long as you watched an ad in between levels.. But then it happened, level 35 and no more play unless a purchase was made. That's not going to happen with me. Starting at .99¢ and ending as high as $99.00 for some games is asinine. I would prefer to buy a game and have bought 4 adventure games. I thank the people that write reviews because they really help me to decide if I want to purchase it. I would like to purchase a match game like this one or "Candy Crush" even though it isn't likely to be. Maybe a PC version is a possibility. It's fun to pass the time when your waiting or just because you want to on your phone.
  5. Totally love it!
    Just downloaded this morning and really enjoying game. So far no timed levels, love that. The person that whined about not being able to complete the level with blue eggs, I got it first try. Not impossible at all. Thanks for a good game!
  6. OMG I Love This Game !!!
    I love this game, I have been having lots of fun and enjoyment with actually playing this game ever since I downloaded it - it has been difficult for me to put it down. I hoping that there will be more levels for the game Thanks for creating it
  7. Fair frenzy
    I can't open the game it keeps crashing
  8. Game needs improvement
    Game did not crash or fail to open. Levels went okay until asked to remove the blue eggs. The number of blue items given on the board is not enough to fill the request! I played the level 3X and the number of items given never equalled what was asked. Makes the level impossible to solve.
  9. Help
    As soon as I try to play the first level it crashes??!!
  10. Watch out!
    Fun at first... Then wants your money too much!
  11. Fairy frenzy
    Fun game but you shouldn't set a goal and then change it higher and higher. Don't like that part.
  12. Doesn't let you play
    Crashes before you can even play the thing doesn't load or play very sad.


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