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  1. Ad-Fest
    I was quite excited to try this game out. Soonest I died on my very first game, an freakin ad poped out. I mean, really? On my first game, no thank I'm uninstalling this ad-fest!
  2. Great Game
    It is very fun and when I am bored I like to play
  3. Too many ads
    I get they need to make money but an add after every race and a banner ads over the gas and brake button is just crazy.
  4. Best game
    Best awesome game I love it usually games don't give big free gifts but this game do I love it because of that too.
  5. Abso love ly
    Can't get enough. One thing... Is it me or does this game just play better on an Android..? Either way... Love it.
  6. Stop fooling around
    Nice gameplay excellent graphics but 3 stars because of your free car offer. I gave me a key first time but after that I invite 4 other players and they installed too but I still didn't got the next two keys.
  7. Too many bugs!!
    It has too much bugs. Many times despite winning the rival in multiple mode, it's made me as loser. And has lots of bugs too. Please update or do something about bugs!
  8. Ads
    Way to many ads. Like the game but cost way to much to upgrade cars.
  9. Genial
    Me encanta el juego es bien divertido
  10. Game won but shows as lost
    Game is very great but there are some issues, I won the game twice continuously but at the end the coins are going to the other player. try to fix this issue..
  11. Low key dope
    I got so many cars it's lit in this game
    there is a bad bog in this game. two bad bogs. #1 is that some times i win the race but the money goes to my opponent i dont know why!!! #2 some times when i decide to race again with the opponent i raced with once i tap on race again a ads video comes up and till i close it the race has already started and im almost lost the race.
  13. I love this game so much fun to play
  14. Great
    It's amazing game. I love & like it very much.
  15. Fun game!
    My 5 year old son loves it
  16. Review
    I love that you can play Multiplayer but the graphics are not the best that's Why i gave the Game 4-stars.
  17. Race fever
    Maybe you think it's like asfalt But no This is bether
  18. Awesome
    Great way to pass some time eh?
  19. Awesome game.
    I really enjoy playing this game on my free time
  20. Flipping awesome


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