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  1. Enjoys the game
    Fun game that serves as a great distraction for work stresses
  2. Beginner
    Fun so far but I’m just beginning
  3. Fun
    This game is similar to many others, but seems to work more smoothly. Lots of fun.
  4. Fun - Best game ever!
    It was really fun and I like it.
  5. Toon blast
    I am loving tune blast so much, and the characters are so funny looking, and I just love the game, and I am so excited to reach all the levels that I get the boxes special things in the game is just so much fun!!!
  6. Piggy bank money scam.
    Piggy Bank feature is why I deleted the app. After a few tries you have to pay$2.99 to get piggy bank coins.
  7. A great game
    This game is like awesome. I play this when I am bored.5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  8. Pay to empty a in game bank?
    No thanks on paying EVERY SINGLE TIME I have a full piggy bank (which is the in game coin collection). Game is good but I don’t feel like paying for something that should be free.
  9. Nope
    This game is fun until about the 150th level. Then it is simply torture. It is not worth getting.
  10. Toon Blast
    Really fun Don't have to spend money!
  11. Good for kill time
    I think this game is OK. But gameplay is like other games. So if you want to kill time, this is a game of choice.
  12. Way too much money!
    I actually love this game. Unfortunately, I have to pay way too much to actually play it. Why do I have to pay to get “coins” that I’ve already earned? It’s so much more than the bombs, or anvils, or rockets, or any other “tools”. You can’t play if you don’t have coins. Period! I just got sucked into breaking that piggy bank way too much! What a waste, and a shame!
  13. Fun game
    Can get a lil expensive, but fun !
  14. Money Hole
    The game is fun, and I don’t mind paying makers for their work. However, I have a limit I will spend on any one game. This game is rigged to make it very difficult (not impossible) to progress without spending a lot. Time limit on lives is stupid. Now I’m getting a weird pop up warning about something wrong with my life refill device not working and it resets my lives to 0. Huh?? About time to delete the app. It’s a shame.
  15. 4 out of 5 Stars
    It can be very boring at times but most of the time it’s very interesting and pushes you to keep looking for the right word it might not be very easy but it is really hard to find the correct word you are looking for too long you might not get it for a while but eventually you will find the right word and then it’s very easy and for some reason it’s very fun again “LOL”
  16. Agility!!!
    Keeps up my brain & agility skills.....
  17. Awesomest game ever
    This game is amazing I lope love love it!! P.S:This game makes me happy when I’m sad!!!
  18. Easy to play
    Like so many other strategic games, this one is easy to pick up.
  19. Overall really fun but...
    I would love a way to restart my progress or at least replay levels I have already completed!
  20. Love it!
    It’s so awesome and easy that I can use two moves to beat a single level


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It's time for a dynamic new update!

- PLAY 50 NEW LEVELS! Neither dusty courts nor noisy roads are an excuse for procrastination. Get ready for freestyle dunks, merciless blocks and nothing but nets. Pick up your sports gear and join our buzzer-beaters to watch some acrobatic moves.

Be sure to update to the current version of Toon Blast for the newest content. In every 2 weeks, we bring 50 NEW LEVELS! Come and join the fun!