The State Of Mobile Monetization

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Key FindingsGoogle and Facebook continue to dominate: The search giant is making headway in mobile, with 65.84% of Android Share of Voice and 81.99% on iOS, Facebook took the 2nd place on Android with 21.81% SOV and is up to 6th place on iOS with 5.89%.

Fyber is the fastest growing Monetization SDK: With a 392.98% growth from beginning of 2017 Fyber quadruples it’s client base.

Chartboost has shown impressive advances, Chartboost is catching up to AdMob as more game developers keep testing game centered advertising SDKs.

Mediation platforms are gaining ground, nearly one third of the top monetization SDK’s act also as mediations in addition to providing their own demand.

Startapp becomes the third most popular Monetization SDK among app developers: And the fourth most popular Monetization SDK overall.


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