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  1. Danny Contreras
    Like I said in the Age of Civilizations game, there seems to be an issue revolving around the vassals. When I end an alliance with a nation, their vassals are still in NY alliance and I cannot remove them from said alliance. Another problem is vassal nations sometimes don't see other allied nations in the alliance and end up turning my whole alliance against me. Please fix these bugs, these are great games and I hate to see them fail
  2. Suggested additions
    Brad Schane
    I love this game but would love a slightly larger more inclusive map expanding the Medditeranean Levant region. I would also love some new (perhaps ancient, medieval, or Napoleonic) historical scenarios. Your app is truly the best world domination turn-based game on the market. Keep up the great work!
  3. Addicting fun!
    You can easily get sucked up into this game the only issue complaint that I have is the somewhat predictable ai in the first few turns, although I haven't tried higher difficulties.
  4. Conquer Europe!
    Brian Grittner
    For cheap game this is a very fun play. can easily get lost in this game not noticed that you've been playing it for 5 hours or more.
    Chris Taylor
    Great Little Game. Brilliant value for money, VERY ADDICTIVE. Great number of Factions/Nations to Choose from. Highly Recommended.
  6. Awesome
    Brendan Lang
    Can you add a feature to create a civilization with its own name and flag? Also I think the game would be better every 4 or 5 turns you can move your capitol?
  7. Love it
    Dominik Skiba
    Can you please add an option where you can give up or give to other countries your pieces of land. +Can you add an option in Freemont we're you can create your own game. Thanks for the games you made and the updates you have previously released. :-) POLSKA!!!!!!!
  8. Jim McMasters
    The AI is totally unbalanced. It's almost impossible to plan any strategy. Even if you have the initiative, the game allows the AI to counter your moves by changing troop levels. Frustrated
    Ashish Aggarwal
    Please fix my phone's game,when I try to load my game it says"Error,game deleted"please fix,also I suggest making Age of civilizations Africa & age of civilizations The Americas
  10. Great
    Tom O Dwyer
    Love it, but could you do something like the Napoleonic wars in europe?
  11. Awesome
    Milos Tio
    Would be cool to make a aoc world with provinces this small, amazing game nontheless
  12. It good
    Ethan Carrow
    When are you going to make more games or features
  13. The ability to give a vassal land
    Joseph Bruns
    I would be cool to give a vassal land or sell land to other nations to steady the map or to make nations that were previously wiped out.
  14. Excellent game
    Kieran Miller
    There are a few problems with the land areas. If Luxembourg is on the map please add Kosovo and areas such as Alsace for the 1914 map and add more northern and southern land because it'd change a predictable outcome, otherwise it's an excellent game overrall
  15. Love it! But i have a suggestion
    Viktor Marushček
    I am a huge fan of your game and as suggested by other critics would absolutely love if you could play as a nation in which you could create the name and flag! Would pay extra for this aswel would many friends of mine whome i have got addicted to the game.
  16. Jamie Macnab
    Great to go Scotland. Wish Scotland was in the main game
  17. Ja Nazwisko
    Zajebiste ale czekam na aktualizacje by można było ustawiać podatki i była wiara
  18. Amazing except for one issue happening lately
    That Okay Guy Frank
    Whenever I pause and save a game for later. I come back back to it to it gets automatically deleted. Plz fix this is such a great game!!
  19. Nice meme!
    Daniel Singh
    Love the game and everything about it. Should make north america, south america, Africa, and Oceania on the same scale, and then combine them all.
  20. Great game, a lot of fun
    Oisin Mccoy
    Great time waster, would be complete with custom scenarios


What`s new

S8 bug fix
New Scenario: Doomsday 1945
New: Borders
New: Sandbox mode
New: Colour of Civilization
New: Army view instead of Economy view
Cold War Full Bug Fix
New Scenario: Modern world 56 Civilizations
New language: Português
New language: Čeština
Scale of achievements
New language: Nederlands
New language: العربية
New: Settings->Font Size
New language: Italiano
New: Random Game -> Civilization
New language: Français
AI improvements: Diplomacy
New language: 한국어