• SMB

  • $999 /month

  • App intelligence and app monitoring for SMB's.
  •   App intelligence for 7+ million apps.
  •   Pay as you go - no commitment
  •   Unlimited apps
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    No Commitment

  •   Professional

  •   $1999 /month

  •   Lead Generation Based on Mobile Technology Data.
  •   Create your own reports
  •   Prospecting tools
  •   SDK Vendor Intelligence
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    Requires an annual contract

  • Enterprise

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  • Fully Customized Integration from the most comprehensive source
  •   Access to endless amounts of data.
  •   Custom reports and data-sets
  •   Custom integrations
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    Requires an annual contract

Mobbo has been chosen by the best:

SMB Professional Enterprise
App Store & Google Play
Over 7 Million Apps
Download Estimates
Revenue Estimates (IAP)
Top Charts
Country level breakdown
IAP Revenue
SDK Analysis
Keyword Spy
Over 7 Million Apps
App level SDK intelligence
Vendor level SDK intelligence
Access to "App Inspector" tool
Access to "Market Inspector" tool
Prospecting tools
Company Contact Information
CSV exports
Email alerts
Number of seats 1 1 +5
CRM integration

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