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  1. Cold war
    Jafet Rodriguez
    This game could even be more amazing if you can add, cold war scenario, everything else about the game is very good, I do have one request, I wish the game had more smaller provinces then they are, it would make it more harder and challenging.
  2. Absolutely beautiful
    Serth D
    I probably shouldn't mention this but I wasn't so sure in this game, and was supplied with an illegal version of this game... When I had finally played it, it was so GOOD I literally uninstalled it just so I could pay for it, it was that good... However I wish there was a multiplayer mode. I had been looking for a game like this for forever. It's everything I wanted, I would have paid up to three times as much for it. Sorry about the piracy part though.
  3. Loved it
    Tyler Brown
    The game in my point of view is great worth the small,amount of money asked. one thing that would be really cool would be some type of multiplayer on or offline
  4. Strategy fun
    John Helman
    I swear I have played this game over and over and over and its still fun!! Even with how simple it is it still keeps me excited, I have no ideas to make it better because its already perfect!! Thanks civilization team for giving me something to do at any point on the day. Long car rides, and admitily even on the toilet, so again thank you and good luck with everything in the future!!
  5. Love it !!!
    Ryan Cameron
    The game is great and I have a few questions .One is I was playing and all my allies went to war with me .Was it that I allied with an enemy that made peace? Second why is it that the AI never asks for an alliance? Lastly are you going to make a really detailed map of the world like in Age of Civilization Europe.Hope you will make great games like this Lukasz!!!
  6. Multiple Player
    Yimber Moises
    I couldn't fine the multiple player scenario
  7. Good but some suggestions for future updates
    themaxwell 1111
    1. Make it available for multiple people to play at once, whether online or on the same devise 2. Make it so we can fully customize a game with all the players starting territories and capitals 3. Make a website or in game menu where you can download different maps kind of like drisk 4. Make more buildings and game modes like there can be more than one kind of fortifications that all cost more money 5. Lastly make national advantages where at the start of the game your chosen country can get some advantage.
  8. Love the new update
    Latha Math
    The new scenario is good more like it would be amazing but a dunno what other wars you could do. Maybe going futher back in time dunno. Love the new update tho
  9. Ideas
    Kyle Talbot
    I agree with others, the ability to create one's own civilization would be nice, also I would like to propose a multiplayer option in which one could play with others via hot seat, a local network or internet.
  10. why is america
    why is usa in the greatest civilsations yet egypt hitties persia for example are not what makes usa so special
  11. Great game but...
    Anthony Nguyen
    It appears the developer replies to these rating with stupidity. "How do I change language?" "On the scenario we have a 1942 map." Wtf
  12. Add the Balkans!
    Ethan Venom
    I've seen that Bulgaria is missing in the world map and more countries! Please add them in the scenarios!
  13. Perfect
    Mike Nuckols
    Love this game. It's exactly what I've been looking for in a strategy game. A lot of thanks to the developer!
  14. ideas
    Sean Glisson
    If your creating north America map I have some ideas Civil War the time that nations had colonies in north America. And add colonisation pls
  15. This new game type
    Gabe Eide
    This new game type is amazing! Keep making more! Thanks you!
  16. Good but not amazing
    matt tomlinson
    It's a good game but has quite a few bugs and really needs multiplayer, however it is definitely worth the price, and there's also a lite version so you can be sure about whether you want to buy it or not.
  17. IDK what to say...
    Grant Engel
    Okay so I was playing (and winning) but then suddenly ALL of my allies just quit the alliance and decided to go to war against me! Y did this happen? Also some suggestions to make it better: 1. Fix the AI's problem (above) 2. Make a timeline so you can see what happened every turn 3. Allow teams that can be set manually at the beginning of the game.
  18. Addicted
    Andrew Walden
    I'm addicted to this game. It might be interesting to have a realistic economic element for building your army (ie resources in certain regions) as well as technological inovations as you go (ie tanks, special weapons, planes). Just a suggestion because the game is awesome even without it.
  19. What if you could name your own civilization!
    Michelle Williamson
    Make an option to name it please i would play this more i would name mine the empire of australia or the canadian republic
  20. I love this game!
    Chris Viermann
    Best strategy game I've ever played! But it would be cool if we could create our own country and design our own flag! That would be awesome! Amazing game can't wait till next update!


What`s new

S8 bug fix
Random Games fix
Alliances fix
Province names
New scenario: World War II - 1942
New: Sandbox mode
New: Borders
New: Colour of Civilization
New: Army view instead of Economy view
New language: Português
New language: Čeština
Scale of achievements
New language: Nederlands
New language: العربية
New language: Italiano
User can select Civilization in the Random Game mode.
New: Random Game -> Civilization
New language: 日本語
AI improvements: Diplomacy
New language: 한국어