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mdickie 3d hard time
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бомжара история успеха
خشبه عراقيه


Reviews 47,325

  1. It's ok but it can be better
    Cesar Caballero
    Yall should add that users can be able to create their own label after all 10 albums or something like that cuz i thought users can do that until I reached my 10th album but nothing happens afterwards and yall should add more albums after we reached the 10th album.plz I'd really appreciate it
  2. Wasted 2 years of gameplay
    Alex Kearney
    I went till April 2017. What got me put of two labels was a 250k debt. How I got this debt is cause I published an album which was sold thrice for 270k and some unexplainable stupid math logic used 110k expense each time it was sold. Profits went negative 100k thrice. Just because of a hit album it ended. Other annoying stuff. Stupid court case accusations e.g. ex employee says he's got sexual abused. Copyright mp3 issues. Taxes. Barely you win a court case or an award. Sucks
  3. Not the best
    Andy Smith
    I bought the pro license like nearly all MDickie games, but I must say this is my least favourite. It would be great if you could choose to retire and the money you have earned goes to a hall of fame. I also hate the court accusations, you get punished all the time simply for using the mp3 feature, which kinda sucks. And then an employee decides they won't stay in the band for any contract, and then sues you for kicking them out of a band they "helped create". It's a good game - but too annoying to play.
  4. This Could Be A Great Game
    Matthew Burns
    But it crashes too much, you can't record/make songs when you want there should be tours it should be more interactive this could really be a good game COME OUT WITH AN UPDATE ASAP
  5. Help!
    K Carter
    Okay how do i remove someone from my band please respond someone?! Its getting annoying having to keep on making a new character because i didnt remove a certain person within the time limit. Please help????
  6. Bad graphics
    Madhu V
    The graphics are very bad and the game is endless
  7. Lee Harris
    Every time I get far my screen turn white, and I have to start all over!! This is getting really depressing
  8. Great
    Darius Lenard
    It's a good game but I would love to buy stuff with my millions because I paid for this app and it's not offering a lot at least make it that our characters can actually be customized and where we can take over the record label and I'm tired of being sued for every little thing I will give 5 stars when it gets an update until then 4 stars it is... now 3 stars.. a whole year and no good updates. .
  9. Good
    Callum Blower
    Very game, if you're intelligent enough you can get to the top with ease, looking for a game just like it?
  10. Addictive
    Aryanto Widyo Susanto
    This game is addictive. Tips: it's mostly about recruiting, you only need following the other things flow as it should be.
  11. Potential
    Chancey mcdee
    It's ok, it's even addictive but jesus it needs some work... its not use telling the player to do things but not saying how... how do I kick people out the band as my producer told me to? How do I make sure the band doesn't screw up a performance. .. also the course case element is a joke and stopped me being able to use MY in game song because of some garbage... seriously developers review this app... It needs massive changes espacially when making contracts with is annoying as hell
  12. Stephen Evans
    I wish you could have your own label and still rap like wayne or a independent label to get more money
  13. I'm Not Feeling It
    Mini Williams
    The game was okay, but a bit disappointing. I really liked Hard Time and School Days, but this game is kind of boring. You don't get to freely roam around in the game, and when you perform you barely have any freedom. I guess its kind of fun to try and work your way to the top, but its honestly not a game I'd like to continue playing. You can't help what your energy is, or your performance that much. I'll see if MDickie has better games
  14. I love it!
    Jaleah Green
    I think it's a great game. Someone named K.C. Carter asked how to remove someone. It's similar to adding them. Find their name in the section to recruit them, and then just tap it as if you're adding them to your band. Then, it'll mention you getting rid of them. Just be prepared to pay compensation for them.
  15. Good
    Puma Zyma
    Make another part 2 popscene when u have your own label and people rap and sing and u can sign them
  16. H.A.T.E
    Talaziah Jones
    Stupid and dumb can't change my group I hate it
  17. odd glitch
    Kevin Campa
    I saved the game and when I played it again everyone died and im the only one who survived. Plus, all my songs got 5 stars and 5 hearts best glitch I ever
  18. Its amazing and addictive, but..
    Imogen Oakey
    This is the second time now where I've been in the middle of the game and the screen just goes white and you can't play again unless you delete it, erase all you've done, and then get it again. Can you fix it? Otherwise a very addictive game
  19. sourav bokshi
    There is nothing to do in this game, only agreements nothing more? Pls add some kickass actions...
  20. the game is addictive
    Ronnie Bryant
    I once was against this game...but honestly, it's a great game!


What`s new

- Smoother breathing animations.
- New faces and hairstyles from the survival sim, "Wrecked".
- Lower lifetyle costs, higher profit margins.
- Enhanced compatibility with the latest hardware and operating systems.