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  1. So fun.
    Lia f. Baby
    Absolutely love this game. I played it on desktop on some math website. Then I decided to see if there was an app. I've finished all the levels, when will we get more??
  2. Very cool but
    Mike Giza
    how the heck do you beat level 10? theres no way to get em back up! help!
  3. Madeline Paschall
    Go sugar this game is awesome and I will defenittly recommend it!!
  4. Jacinta Bell
    Works great and is a lot of fun
  5. Great fun
    Ed Cracknell
    Excellent game. Really simple premise but you have complete control over the way you solve each level. Difficulty curve is just right. Please make more levels!!!
  6. Cool math games
    luis soto
    Cool math games has this game for free I love it never got to finish it now I can
  7. Good game, but it's has a Flaw.
    Caleb Simms
    Well less of a Flaw and more of a real inconvenience. This game is absolutely amazing but it is impossible for me to pass level 35, because I'm colorblind. I've tried hundreds of combinations but the greens keep turning red and vice versa. I really wish there was a color blind mode. Then I'd give 5 stars.
  8. Very neat, a lot of fun
    Mike Juan
    Worth the dollar, I was skeptical and actually kinda surprised at myself when I bought it, but I am definitely glad I did. FYI I am good at this sorta thing and I finished it in a couple hours fairly easy, all 55 levels are easily doable... don't listen to reviews saying certain are to hard.
  9. game stopped working on lvl 25
    Howellwireless Ltd.
    i entered sandbox mode and now only sandbox works. the other modes load but won't start. No sugar begins to Pour. Please helP!
  10. Sweet game
    Rose Eldridge
    Heaps of fun, I wish there was a level expansion though as I finished it too quickly
  11. Sugaaaaar
    Max Mccoy
    Best game EVER other games are not like dis.
  12. Doesnt work
    Sheree Coleman
    Completely black, no lines, waste of money
  13. Fun game
    Jonathan Hendrix
    I had fun with this game, it was challenging. Kind of wish the last level was a bit harder and you could do more with sandbox mode, but overall 5 stars.
  14. Addictive
    Jonathan Saladin
    No lag to speak of. Logical and challenging.
  15. Awesome.
    jose garcia
    I love the game. Very very challenging. I love the music too. I open the app just to listen to the sweet beats. Could you or anyone send a link to where I can download the theme song? Thanks.
  16. Troy Wheelwright
    Bart bonte,can you tell me how to do level 33?
  17. Riley Slavens
    On cool math I never got to finish the game now I can also challenging
  18. ???
    Penda Sarr
    Level 35 is missing 30 granules to finish
  19. AWESOME.
    Ryleigh Martin
    I love this game. I know it costs money but i suggest you to get it(:
  20. It's fun but impossible
    Amir G
    Level 10 is impossible and there is no way to get past it


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