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Monthly active users estimation: 250,000


Punya Huxter | Co-Founder at MiniMega, creators of Bonza

Brisbane, Australia |

Ben Huxter | Creative Director, MiniMega

Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia |

Riccardo Baita | Owner, minimega

Italia |

Punya Huxter | Founder and Technical

Reviews 39,777

  1. Fantastic support
    Susan Sterling
    I have been in love with this game for over a year. After the last upgrade they worked to solve the problem. Gave me back all my coins and puzzle packs. Great game Great support
  2. Joseph Figueroa
    Absolutely love this app! Would recommend it to any word game entusuast. Not only is the app great, but the customer support is amazing. I
  3. Puzzler
    Joanne L'Heureux
    Still love playing but the freezing up is still an issue. Please get it fixed.
  4. Fun and relaxing
    Ryan Andrews
    Low-stress word puzzler is challenging and fun... Not a lot of nags or ads either, for a free game. I like it!
  5. A different puzzle
    Richard Ksenzakovic
    It's a different type of puzzle that is challenging without removing the fun of completing the task set before you.
  6. Ugh
    gena griffin
    Add more puzzles that you don't have to pay for... bunch of money hungry pirates....
  7. Really love this app
    ju ujvar
    But I sometimes miss out on the daily puzzle. It would be pretty awesome if you made them available for a few days just so you don't miss out. Fun to play, easy to submit puzzles, challenging at times and gets the brain going
  8. Great app for RELAXING with words.
    Emilie Peterson
    A professional, free, beautiful app to enjoy when you want to switch away from your trusty crossword puzzle. Especially enjoyable for those who hate that so many word game apps are designed only to be played timed and fast-paced.
  9. Fun game
    Nicholas Pun
    The game is fun, but uses up quite a bit of resources and heats up my phone. My phone averaged a temperature of 50 °C while playing the game.
  10. Why does it need Internet?
    Eric Brodie
    Really fun! But after the last update it won't work without Internet. What's up?
  11. Pretty good...
    Christopher Browne
    It's a pretty solid game however the Android port leaves a bit to be desired. The biggest problem I've found is just that it's poorly optimized. It drains battery much faster than an app of this nature should. Heats up the phone a fair amount too. Much for graphic and processor intensive games run better in my experience. As I said, it's a fun game, but it needs more effort optimizing.
  12. Good stuff! Unique word puzzle game
    Lizo Livit
    Pretty fun game. Starts out pretty easy, grows more challenging as you continue. I enjoy being able to design puzzles! But would love to have the option to fit the pieces together and/or decide where the puzzles break apart. I'd rate 5 stars w/ that ability. Great game tho, either way. Can't really complain too hard.
  13. Great app! Totally addicted!
    Artie Schweizer
    This game is challenging but fair and great fun.
  14. Too hot!
    Heather Anderson
    This is a really fun game, but my phone overheated every time and the game would frequently lock up. If they ever fix those problems, I'll reinstall. For now, I'm done.
  15. Jill Lageman
    I keep meaning to do 1 or 2, but suddenly I have done half a pack. And now they are all finished. HELP I need more. One per day is not enough. Great word game.
  16. Highly addictive
    Colin D
    Faster than a full crossword puzzle for sure - so it's great for quick play on the go. Most puzzles steer clear of filler words as well, making it much more interesting to play.
  17. Still love it.
    Ian Beckett
    Great game and now with the update the annoying popups have gone.
  18. Sheila May Mahinay
    Great game! Unfortunately I can't watch the videos to get free answers and coins because it's always not ready. Please fix.
  19. A twist on Crosswords
    Bryan Sanders
    Some puzzles pretty simple, others are challenging. Fun time killer.
  20. Carol Eltoft
    Love it except for the fact that often when it offers a "free answer" it doesn't give one and sometimes freezes the screen.


What`s new

Hi! Apologies for the delayed update. This Bonza update includes some much needed fixes and optimisations, the game should now be running smoother and generally more stable. We appreciate your patience and we’re very happy to have you as part of the Bonza family.

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