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Reviews 199,741

  1. I'll be fair
    Dhruv Patel
    Good app, but I'd rather pay a one time fee if it gives me access to all customizations and no ads. But 99 cents for 3 cars is a hassle. Jus sayin
  2. Great app but..
    ShotZxkilL PR
    Sometimes some cars won't never load even if I leave them for a long time
  3. Porter Reynolds
    This app used to be soo awesome but you just had to go and ruin it with ads. If you're going to put ads on an app at least put some that aren't of horrible mobile strategy games or whatever, put something in that people would actually use. And really 99 cents for 3 cars at least make it worth my time. Add some odd ball cars like the 65' Ford Falcon or the Mercury Comet.
  4. great
    VAHE G.
    i dont like the ads and the content that i need to pay for but that is really not too much and i understand that it helps you. im really happy that you made the 3dtuning available for android. i am on the website i think since 2010 and i really love it but now when my computer is broken i cant go to the website anymore this app helps but i want to try the s tuner please make it available on android as soon as possible i know it is hard to do but please make it possible for me to enjoy it on my tablet
  5. Lorenzo Cortez
    This app was one of the coolest. But now I have to pay $$$ really that's just pathetic I downloaded the app to play on the app I'm not going to go to a website for it... might as well put a price on the app itself if your gonna charge to customize vehicles what a waste letting something good go down the drain well you can expect me to uninstall this.
  6. Used to be good, but is now a RIP OFF.
    Jeff Woods
    You have to pay a dollar just to customize every couple of cars, are you joking me? I don't even mind the ads, but get rid of this micro-transaction bull crap. Will be uninstalled until it's not a money pushing rip off. Runs like crap too on a galaxy s5 with Android 5.
  7. Richard Amores
    I rated this 5 stars before,but now it's down to 1. Loading takes forever. What happen to this app?
  8. For real...
    Robert Walker
    This app was one of my favorite apps I've ever downloaded...until you guys made us start paying to customize certain cars..? I was hoping with these updates you'd update some of the older cars like the Evo XI with the updated rims and everything but now we have to pay for a bunch of the new cars? No thank you. If there was a premium version then understandable but there isn't. Almost $6 just for a couple cars, not into it. Probably just going to delete it. Pretty disappointed.
  9. Body kits
    Tony Molina
    I really do love this app even tho the updates weren't the best but the ads don't really bother me and the cars that need to be paid are free on the web site, but it'd be really awesome if you guys added more well known body kits like the liberty walk body kit or the rocket bunny body kit... but overall great app
  10. Was Great
    Richard Hossen
    The ads are annoying and always in the way. It has far too many bugs. You have to pay for things. Really people!? You made something great into something awful.
  11. Trucks
    Dillion Bailey
    It would make the game a lot better if trucks had more customization like mud bogger tired and lift kits and brush guards I guess my inner redneck is coming out also that you can change size of rims some would be better if they weren't so big but def the truck stuff man it would make my day
  12. I am jakx22
    When developing a game for mobiles, when trying to get funded, I think it's best if you just have ads and everything else free, or have in-app purchases and no ads at all. I know you guys have inputted 16 out of 180 cars for in-app purchases, but in games that have great development, it's incredibly stupid when you have both in-app purchases and advertisements ruining a game. I liked this game before the update, and now I hate what you guys have done to it. Listen to us and either remove ads or purchases.
  13. Disappointed
    Ryan Yokum
    Had this app for long time just updated unfortunately. Now to do much of anything they want to be like everyone one else in america and take from use and make us pay to use they program f***k them and i deleted the program. Wont down load anything from them.
  14. Big fan
    You guys do great work, and I cant wait to see more. This app/website is so close to being pure gold, and I it will be soon. The obly things that in my opinion need to be added are: Adjust able tire width(like up to 16s) tire offset( preferably alot and not like only 2 inchs. These are the only major things, minor things include like larger variations in parts if thats even possible. I'm sure you guys are already working on some of these things and I cant wait to see them.
  15. Disappointed
    Christopher croft
    Used it before and really enjoyed it. Went to use it today after the update, and surprise surprise..... Adverts. Then I continued on to find that every car I tried to modify only had factory wheel options and none of the alloys they used to have before. I'll give it a week, and if it's not reverted I'll be getting rid of it.
  16. Piece of shit
    M.khairandi Rabbani
    JUst piece of shit -_- why d I need to pay only for this thing? The ads dont even bother me, just lemme use the older ver.
  17. Callum Scoular
    This is a wonderful app but ever since the update it's just not loading, this needs to be fixed. The ads are overbearing, they just keep coming up and never stop
  18. Finally a good car builder
    Alex Waggoner
    I really like this it's easy to use and works very well only thing it needs is a way to make the wheels wider like wheel spacers so it don't look like they are tucked under the truck but other than that it's perfect 5 stars so could we get some wheel spacers
  19. Im fine with this
    Thoughtsoda 970000000
    Well the adds i dont mind but the same bugs are still there so i cant tune cars due to the parts not loading or disappearing as i turn the car. The game is still fine i understand why this game has the buyable cars to be able to make future updates or cars. The fans don't seem to understand that just because you have to buy things it doesn't matter you can still tune over 600 650ish cars and pay 99 cents for like 15 cars?. Im good with this game i still love it it just needs bug fixes. P.S people are complaining about the best tuning game in google play its just 99 cents. Please continue updating this game :)
  20. Vehicle Load Crashes Game
    Ryan Story
    Like this app, but recently newly added cars will crash the app when they are in the loading process. Older cars that were on here when I first downloaded the game load fine. For example I tried the Toyota Tundra and right before the truck is finished loading the game crashes. Same for the new Silverado. Slightly annoying.


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