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Reviews 604,226

  1. Bingo Bash
    Tan Chea Heang
    I very love and very like to play this game.I very like to play this games ,the names of this games call:Bingo Wheel Of Fortune also like to play others games.Why today i open the games of the BBQ Bingo and choose the two card but cannot play it.Because i try three time also cannot play the BBQ Bingo.Can you help me to solve this problem,Thank You???
  2. Hard to bingo
    angela drury
    Don't win much but fun game.. Quite annoying when some winners win 2 or 3 times in one round ??? How does that happen ???.Save my daily allowance for 3 or 4 days but then prob only get a couple of wins. If the wins were spread about a bit , I would rate it higher
  3. Janet Baker
    I love this game BUT I'm pulling my hair out because the wheel won't give me JAPAN!! it keeps on giving me EGYPT X 8 . Come on please give it up before I'm bald??? I have to finish this game before I start new one!!
  4. Fun fun!
    Richelle Guilbault
    I've been addicted to this game for many years now. I know some people say you don't win often but you aren't supposed to get a bingo every time. The chips do run out fast, unless you start finishing collections, Then you can grab 100 chips or more. It's a great variety of bingo games. The scratcher & pull tab games are a complete waste of chips. I've spent way to much real money on this game, because I can't get enough & I have no self control. I can't afford it.
  5. Addicting
    Jennilla Csirkes
    I have been playing this game since it came out, I love it! , very beautiful rooms very colorful, and all kinds of rewards , you can scratch or pulltab and the bingo rooms are amazing. And it can be played for free,you get free daily chips to purchase your cards the higher the level you are the higher the amount of daily chips you get, even if I don't play everday I sign in to get my daily chips, and accumulate them until I'm ready to play! and you CAN send requests , I do all the time. I do like to purchase when they have one of their amazing deals on ! Keep it up Bingo Bash !
  6. One of the best
    Joy Kendrick
    Lots of different fun bingo games to play. Not boring like some out there. But coins earned are only good to purchase power plays & play slot game. Need to make coins available to also purchase chips. The cost of cards increases with each level unlocked, forcing you to purchase chips.Also noticed lately that the same people seem to win every game! ..sometimes 2 & 3 times in one game!? Makes playing frustrating.
  7. Favorite bingo game
    Ashley Nelson
    Game works great. I have almost 700 chips. And I do not buy them.. It can be done...
  8. Bingo Bash
    Judith Grubicy
    These rooms are fun, but the perks are small. The bonuses should be bigger, and when winning a bingo there isnt much to get
  9. Major fan of this game.
    Lisa Wells
    Great Bingo game. Love the fact that new rooms get added so often and that there are often gifts of free chips and or other prizes.
  10. Sucks most times.
    Anita Van Dam
    No instants when purchasing? Cards almost bare of numbers but no bingo? What's up with that??? You're stingy with the chips. Won't do the scratch offs....never win...waste of chips! Now ending games with 2 or 4 bingos left.....what is that??? Almost deleted you!!!!
  11. Love it
    Marsha Hahn
    Its cool its to cool for school☺love
  12. Jan G
    Bingo Bash love this game hasn't yet tried to cheat us like that other bingo game .
  13. Bingo bash
    Guts all in my throat with excitement of maybe getting a bingo. NOT. No bingos. Fr strating
  14. I keep playing but.....
    Amy Morgan
    It's very hard to bingo. Starting to get really frustrated with this one. Getting ready to move on.
  15. Bingo bash
    Kathey Brown
    Love the games but wish they would pay out more chips or money
  16. LOVE IT
    Bonnie Jones
    I love it so much because i love bingo so much its very fun to play download it and u will see
  17. Kristen McManis
    This game is a pain! Like someone else said, the same people keep winning. How can the same person get first and second place, then the next round get second and third place (or something close to that) and I play, sometime 15 games in a row with nothing! It's BS
  18. Pat Mccuish
    Bingo bash is the only game I enjoy playing except for the players that seem to play in every game which we cannot do other than that it is a great game
  19. Bingo bash
    ann brindley
    Brill game the leprechaun one I love it play every night
  20. pain in the butt
    stacy maze
    uploaded and now the update freezes might delete so tired of the problems i loose my chips and it dose not give them back after it freezes


What`s new

1. This month’s New Bingo Room, ‘Merry Maze' - Get in the spirit and join the craze, embark on an adventure in the all-new Merry Maze
2. Bug fixes and performance improvements

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