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Reviews 47,874

  1. Gr8 game but
    Kaylie McCorkle
    It doesn't always work like whenever I tap it it will load for five minutes and then it will say Family House has stopped (Report) (Ok)
  2. Fun Sim Game
    Milly Mason
    I love this game because I get to dress my peeps, design the house (though the furniture is too expensive when you have a large family) and there are fun interactions between family members and Mungo, my doggie.
  3. I love it
    Lucy Thompson
    This is the best game ever it is just amazing i am so glad it came up on my game i love it so much I can make my family and I have a new baby coming so I can add she or he i love it. This is the best game for my children when I die and that can do what they want on this so it is the best u even have to set a timer for them so non of them get up set for having less time on it i am so glad that you invendied it I can not spell that is how glad I am to have this app and it creeps the children away from the TV yes I love it that is why I am rating it a 5 out of 5 love it love it so much
  4. I like it
    Kali Lananger
    It has a good leveling system. The art style is adorable. The people move a bit fast but that's fine. The clothes option and such are a great thing. I wish height was a separate thing, instead of including it in with age.
  5. I enjoyed this game until...
    Samantha Mo
    I guess an update messed up this app for me, because it updated recently and now when I try to open it, I just get an error message that says something about Context3D not being available. I have no idea what it means, and it doesn't offer any solutions, other than saying it may be a wrong "renderMode" or missing device support. I hope this gets fixed very soon, this is frustrating. :(
  6. A bug maybe?
    Chyna Russell
    When I made a husband for one of my people the door was marked "Father" and when I made a sister for a person it said that they were partners tge family tree is now real messed up
  7. Love it
    Freya Rickman
    One of my favourite games downloaded it yesterday and I'm level 10! The furniture is too expensive though all of my residents complain about their rooms being crap but I can't afford to upgrade the house and keep their rooms on point . The prices keep going up I can't afford anything anymore... please stop the prices going up and I'll give 5 stars - Freya's Family House
  8. Game won't load
    Tyler Drewe
    Have played this game for over 165 days straight. Suddenly will not load at all. Which means I'm going to lose all my rewards. Super unhappy with this.
  9. Fun Game but...
    Samantha P
    In the beginning you start out with 80 gems but by time you are done with the tutorial you have 40 left because they make you use them all. Other than that its fun. A lot is overpriced though
  10. Best tablet game EVER!
    Scott Donaldson
    This game is an amazing dollhouse game. I adore how you can create your family members AND friends. Love this game a lot!
  11. Kimberley Kelly
    doesn't even work it just says it has stopped working. I was looking forward to playing this!
  12. It's a cute game but
    Steffi Jackson
    Whenever i try to get free jewels by installing and playing other games, i don't get any. I should have 145 jewels due to this, but i only have 1. And that 1 is from playing the actual fans
  13. kristin ferguson
    This game is great you can add to your home and have over 20 people in one house
  14. Yeah,kinda cool
    Zoraida Topenio
    Its a cool game but when it said 'create your own clothes' u don't really get to..✴✴✴✴
  15. I love it.
    Esmeralda Torres
    I have no neighbor's can someone be my neighbor? Torres' is the name of my house
  16. Entertaining
    Dyanne Lopez
    My daughter is 24-7 on my phone for this game she is obssesed with this game awesome now when ever we go some where she is entertained very good game
  17. Lil Red House.
    Caren Boga
    Add my house name please, since you HAVE to have neighbors.
  18. This game is amazing but...
    Morgan Way
    Why is it that you can have you're parents in but what if they have split up and have found new soul mates... you can't have their ex and their boyfriend / girlfriend in? And how do you get more gems because if there's an ad and you only get 1 each ad, how am I supposed to buy the Butler with (I think) 2000 gems?.. I am not watching 2000 videos!
  19. ITS NICE
    Quinnette Grayson
    You can actually put family members in it and nothing will bother your fam.about it like mine for instince
  20. Ok...
    Tyler Miller
    I think it's a ok ok game and everthing...but you did not have a work!


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