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Shawn Collette | Vice President of Game Design at Playtika

Las Vegas, Nevada Area |

Dr. Eyal Loz | Vice President Game Design at Playtika

Sydney, Australia |

Elad Levy | CTO ★ Entrepreneur

Argentina |

Ira Holtzer | CTO at Playtika

Hadera Area, Israel |

Reviews 597,906

  1. Bingo blitz we would like a response
    Allison Jones
    I am an agreement with ppl below. I like the game but have stop playing because you have your demands as far as (daily) updates. Make it worth our while to continue to back everyday. And might I add it is soooo hard to win
  2. Hanna Katrina Lazaro
    can you please return the credits when we got disconnected? it's fun playing this game but 30 credits a day isn't enough and if we got disconnected, we don't have a choice but to wait for another hours to have another credits..
  3. Don't like.......
    Li Ma
    You don't give enough credits in a day 2play the amount of cards u want 2play..n when u win u don't get enough credits 2play the same number of cards u began with....
  4. From a 5 to a 2
    Carrie Nerad
    I used to love this game and ritually played it every day until I ran out of credits. Now I log on to collect my daily credits and play free tourney. Every time I try to complete a room it goes great until the last couple of Shadows and then can't get a bingo to save my life let alone on a shadow card or the close the game to bring in another impossible one. Used instant bingo power up on 4 cards 3 games in a row and still couldn't bingo. I will no longer spend 1 penny on this app ever again.
  5. Toni Shirar
    It's Fun to play Bingo, then switch over & play the Slots!!! HOWEVER.... I've lost $4355 in coins when I logged out before & logged back in 5 hours later, and when I contacted the Customer Support, you ONLY GET THE RUN AROUND OF "You used the coins purchasing 'Power Up's' during your gaming play." And I repeated explained that, "When you purchase "Power Ups" during game play, it automatically takes them when you purchase the Power Ups!! AND....At the end of each time I play I write down EVERYTHING.SO BEWARE
  6. If u don't like to complete bingo rooms then this is 4 u
    Renea Akins
    This game is suppose to b a social game but they really dnt want us to b social or help others out, thts y they made it harder(bout impossible) to complete rooms & added non-giftable items & took option to buy items wth our coins away. I've played it for bout 3yrs & since Jan /2015 not havin fun like used to. BB ur losing all ur fans!
  7. On a downhill slide
    Brenda Morgan
    If yall weren't so greedy this game would be so much fun. It's impossible to finish a collection and your bingo cards cost outrageous amounts of credits. Daily credits allow you to play maybe 2 cards if you're lucky. Sad. It used to be fun now it's not even worth opening the app.
  8. Too hard to collect items
    Brenda Piatt
    It seems like a chore to play the game anymore. Getting the items you need for each room tend to take months to years to get for most. Can't earn daily credits when finishing a room like the first couple rooms allowed you to win, you win them as a one time deal and those go quick due to the amount you need to play per card with upper rooms, play 2 full games and you're done for the day. Your game would stay more popular if people played on your game for more then 10 minutes a day. I refuse to pay 4 anything
  9. Marissa Soto
    The game is fun to play and I like it a lot. However the bingo cards cost to many credits and the game doesn't give you enough daily credits to actually play a few good rounds. Also the prices to purchase more credits is ridiculous, so it is difficult to enjoy playing the game.
  10. Elena Rogers
    Seems i only bingo in tournament or Catalina and i don't need to be there i go there to increase credits because you are soooo cheap. mine last one or two 4 card games. Been in Istanbul for over 6 months still need 5 items. Joke. On level 101. Next roon should have opened at 96 but update doesnt allow. I am being forced to play special rooms with higher card costs. Pathetic. Can hardly ever bingo even with instants and superchargers Hardly ever get shad cards. If i do i don't need them. Not enough daily credits. I get 84 playing in wedding room each card is 15 credits I don't stand a chance unless I pay. I did once and finished bronze silver and gold tiers in less than an hour. Wow. You say it's random and doesn't matter if you pay? Would you like to retract that statement? There were so many pieces in chests I couldn't believe it. I'm lucky if I get one a week. No free credits Monday. Bingo points? Have 120 friends and get26 points a
  11. Wth, !!!
    Jo Gonzalez
    Been playing long time,not fun anymore....can't get bingo...having to wait for daily. play and loose time and time again...well, no more money from me. Just this weekend played over 300 credits. From combined accounts.....4 bingos???? Rip off!!
  12. Is a fun game but...
    Phylicia Knebel
    I love this game but the problem I'm having in the last few days is the game will freeze and I lose credits, and credits are hard to come by. Also I get a bingo, press bingo and the system doesn't register it in time and I end up losing out because the bingos for that room run out. I never use to have this problem, now I'm losing more credits because my bingos aren't counting?!?!? When these problems are fixed, I will give a higher rating. With the new update my game keeps freezing!
    catherine dellacer
    Used to love this game! But the last 1.5 years, your game has gone to hell! Lost over 1.5 MILLION coins 2 days ago, because your game crashed! Not able to win items, and can't gift the ones needed, NO-ONE helps anymore because YOU have turned into a greedy, money hungry game, so that's how most players are now! I WISH YOU'D ACTUALLY LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYERS AND BRING BACK THE OLD GAME!!! WHEN IT WAS ADDICTING AND SOOOO MUCH FUN!!
  14. Has gotten worse
    Amanda Harrel
    Been playing for well over a 3 years and only get like 85 credits a day thats barely enough for 2 rounds where I am trying to gain all items. Ever since the update and you can no longer buy items to help complete it also seems as if the treasure chests have tightened up. Ive bought many items from this game and its just not as fun as it used to be.
  15. Bingo blitz..
    jenna thorndale
    Such a shame that i am doing this. You have truly ruined a game that was fun to play. Now i am playing other online games because of this. I have been playing for years. Truly disapointed and a shamed of how you have ruined this game
  16. ANGRY...
    Porsche Hill
    I haven't complained about losing credits from the game locking up when I win. The other day I had 5,000 and that night I had zero. So today in morning I played. I was in Berlin and I now went to play and I'm on frikking level 1. Are you for real? If you don't put me to where I was I'm going to delete the game.
  17. Very disappointed! !
    Alicia Williams
    I have committed before that I love this game, but now not so much! The cards cost to much, freezes all the time, HTG that is not the correct name. It should be impossible to get. My new problem I got a new phone this weekend and now BB runs extremely slow causes me to lose credits, waste power ups and is very frustrating. Please tell me how to fix this, I do not have this problem with any of the other games I play.
  18. Best ever Bingo By a landslide It's nice 2 see htg items In TC, as it says & higher scores are nice Again In tournament Thank You
    Dorothy Johnson
    FYI 2 players, DON'T UPD82 LOLLIPOP (it's being rolled out now, so...) until BB duz 1st, per my provider. It WILL mess up ur game. Look for LOLLIPOP upD8 in "green area, Read More" when it's available! Kudos to your AWESOME game! Best Graphics Ty Eric for your quick response from support team Your reply was Very helpful! Plus I've always enjoyed the daily Spin music Very up beat Please more htgs Ty scores Better2 C 1Tysvm for every thing I win Developers kudos
  19. Sanna Hayes
    "THE NEW VERSION" The Best bingo on line.The new version is more fun very classy. I love it. I did take a bit of time to get used to it but I love it. Better than ever! The most fun & best value for the in app. purchases. I have played a lot of bingo on line in the past and gave them all up for Bingo Blitz. Really if you are not playing this Bingo game you don't know what you are missing. Please join us, you won't regret it! I wrote this months ago, I still agree with everything I wrote. I love this game!
  20. Blitz
    Brian Miley
    When i place in the top 250 then I'll give 5 stars. Been playing for 5 years now and never got in top 250 5 round tournament.i see it don't do any good to complain about this game!


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