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  1. Has great potential!
    Chevrine St Martin
    I'm not the type to one-star an otherwise great game because of one flaw, but it is true that the controls become difficult to work with as timing becomes more important! I eventually reached a spot I couldn't pass because the controls wouldn't respond, but I had a lot of fun getting there! I'm eager to pick this up again once the controls are improved! When I saw this app, I thought 'where do I know the name Terry Cavanagh from..?' Then I scrolled down and saw VVVVVV. Of course! That's a fave on my 3DS
  2. Great game, bad touch controls
    Matt Boswell
    I wasn't really able to play with the touchscreen controls on my 8in tablet. Shield controller works fine, though.
  3. Greek mythology
    Drew Johnson
    The entire game is a loose retelling of the journey of Orpheus. This is my favorite story from these people. The gameplay is simple, the narrative is claver. If you pay attention enough and know about the story, you can even know the bosses' names.
    John Ross
    I love this game! For anyone who didn't understand its based on the greek myth of Orpheus. If you don't know what that is look it up. The story is brilliant and i love the mechanics. Granted i wasn't to terriblly thrilled with the controls. They weren't the best and at times the game became hard to play and control but all in all this was a great game. I deeply love this and hope more games like this (hopefully with better controls) come out soon!
  5. Small buttons earned this
    Danial Eizlan
    Great game ruined by bad controls. Just make the buttons bigger, how hard could it be? And the walk left button is a bit broken, have to press to the left of it instead of the button itself
  6. Sort the controls out
    Rodney Wroot
    I am the type to 1star because of a flaw on controls, it's so easy to sort out I don't understand why the developers haven't fixed this yet, has potential though
  7. Terrible controls
    Charlie Wilson
    Why are the buttons so tiny? It's like I need a magnifying glass to see them!
  8. Oh, yeah, don't look back.
    Andy Roid
    Lager buttons and this game will work just fine. Thank you for porting it to mobile.
  9. Great plot but...
    Joshua Baume
    The Game is awesome, it's just that the controls are impractical to the point of being game breaking. Don't misunderstand me, the game is five star material but the on screen controls are to bad.
  10. Kiril Spiroski
    At least make the buttons bigger so you can play it I have to click the back button I so accurately to actually go back same goes with the other 3 buttons
  11. Decently challenging, poor controls.
    Jeffrey Mercer
    Honestly, I get that this game is a bit older, but for something that needs precise input, and given the quality of the other games by Terry, I'm terribly disappointed. Took probably about 30 minutes to beat, could be faster with better controls. Played on a Nexus 7 2013. The hit-box for moving left (critical later on) is to the left of the actual button, and all controls were just all around too small for precise use. Would play again if controls were fixed.
  12. Wow!
    Pyro Maniack
    I would say something about the end but I dont wanna spoil it. What a twist! Fantastic game!
  13. Brilliant
    Michael Wineburg
    Well done, just a great game for Android. Not many of these jems out there, ya the controls are kinda funky but deal with it!
  14. Clap Clap Clap
    Rebecca Ranck
    The ending was awesome not to say the game play! BUT! The touch cantrols need to be more workable but even if you don't fix it its fine! The awesome game play makes up for it! Please make more games like that becouse I'm certain it will be AWESOME!
  15. The Best
    Galaxy Fanfan
    But bad controls, but still giving this 5 because the story is so amazing. More games like this please
  16. Good... 1 major flaw...
    Yakub Khan
    Loved the game but....... BUTTONS ARE TOO SMALL!!!!!!! WHY (Samsung galaxy s blaze)
  17. Fix the controls
    Tom Edgar
    Why are they tiny buttons that you have to be exact with just to work
  18. Great game! A small idea
    Tom Aviv
    Maybe add a speed run mode, add a timer and death count, I like to speed run the game and I would like to know how good I'm doing
  19. Tommi Rae
    Better controls played for 5 minutes and then stuck because laggy controls
  20. Masterpiece
    Sumit Kumar
    Really a very good game made by the developer


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