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  1. It's not HD, but I love it
    Luca Doutt
    Doesn't lag. I can't get HD since my device is too small. You should be abe to set a name, though.
  2. Perfect to kill time!
    Gem Lim
    Don't understand why people would ask for refund when they were able to play the game. A dollar can barely get these developers some coffee to enjoy. Anyway, thanks for the app you guys. Now get my cupcakeria soon!!! Hugs
  3. Papas burgeria
    Rosette Riddick
    This game is awesome. It is one of the best games ever but it is not that good that I would rate it five
  4. Awful lag
    amanda auton
    Ok so i had this game on my ipod 5 and I loved it. I got a galaxy s4 and just had to download this game again. On my ipod it was very smooth operation but on my galaxy it has major lag. I Uninstalled alot of game to open up memory. I disabled quite a few apps to boost my phone. Nothing has helped. If you can fix the lag then I'll be more than happy to rate 5 stars and continue playing.
  5. Omg best game ever for ¢99!!!!
    tyler musser
    This game is a bit better than the pc version. So I recommend if you are a fan to the papa's series than buys this awesome little cheap game. By the way this game is worth the money.
  6. Needs update
    joseph palma
    I have bought everything and level 57 now and their is nothing to buy please add more thing's so the game can be even better cause its getting boring making money but not able to buy anything unstalling now
  7. Great game
    Cassandra Kaylene
    Love this game, inexpensive, fun and is nice when your bored. Would highly recommend.
  8. Just like the PC version but better!
    Tremayne the Best
    Instead of just using a mouse on the PC to interact with the game, we now have the ability to use the touchscreen in a way that allows us, as gamers, to interact with the game in a rather more efficient manner. 5 stars to this game!
  9. It's cool but quickly tiresome
    Yenny H
    I actually bought this and it's cool for a short while because once you both everything, it's just pointless. Wouldn't recommend it
  10. LOVE IT! but....
    Mr. Fabulous
    This game is absolutely perfect but the only thing that bothers me is that after I bought everything from the store I have nothing left to buy! I have so much money and nothing to spend it on!
  11. faith metcalf
    It's awesome and fun, the quality is just horrible though. It's super pixely :(
  12. Seems like a fun game but...
    Karl Lafaille
    It crashes after beating the introductory level. I'm using a Nexus 6. Hope it gets fixed soon.
  13. Its awesome...but it kinda isn't,
    Gregory Uanino
    Its a great game and all, but once I got to day, maybe, 65 it started getting bubby. Every time I'm doing too many thing at once the patty's don't cook.THEN it doesn't let me go anywhere to the other stations. Then I have to quit and start all over again with the same problem.
  14. Yasss great game!
    Mahanoor Ahmed
    I loved this game online. I used to play it all the time when we had to use our free time "academically" when on the computer at school. So this game would be on the "cool math games" website. It was worth the 99¢ in my opinion . love the game and doesn't have any or if so very few bugs .
  15. Fun but cooking hard
    Gavin Underwood
    I hope you make hotdog one if you do I rate 5 stars
  16. great game - simple yet fun
    kimi asistio
    i can spend hours perfecting the art of making burgers! good game, simple mechanics but enjoyable
  17. Amusing game
    Jesse Radin
    This game is fun and one of the better restaurant games for phones. The items you can buy in the shop are great too. You'll want the medoum grill alarm as soon as you can afford it. That way you know when your burgers are done. I do wish it wasn't so picky on the "building" score. I find it nearly impossible to line the condiments up perfectly so I often get around 95% in that score.
  18. walter ruis
    i apreciate all thsi papas game but i need papas hogdogeria men thats awesome.
  19. Papa Louie's Burgeria
    Dianne Jones
    Love all the Flipline games, but this is so nice for quick play on my phone. And I like it more than my computer bcuz it remembers my level. Alot times computer starts over & that's no fun
  20. Oooh ma gad
    Andrew Carroll
    Greatest game eva plz dont stop makin these games


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