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  1. Alisha D'Souza
    Very addicting but once you buy everything in the shop you have nothing else to spend it on; needs to be more things to buy. I am quite disapointed to hear that there are no refunds.
  2. No refunds?!
    Shaley Wilson
    I liked the game and I played it for awhile, but it got a little boring so I deleted it and now it won't give MY money back. So if you do that it will be appreciated thanks
  3. Listen...
    cory newman
    I love the game,It got boring,It uninstalled and I didn't get my money back.Also it is not as good as computer version on cool math.
  4. great app
    Kennedy hernandez
    its amazing a little difficult at first but you get used to it I'm hoping you will make a chicken wing game for android soon keep up the good work
  5. Good..but
    Kaylee Morris
    I believe thus is a good game. But it is very unfair that you have to pay for it...maybe if you bought one of the Papa's game, you should be able to get them all free...would only be fair.
  6. Glitch at First, Then Great!
    arfy kiddo
    I installed it and there was an error at first. It wouldn't let me refund or anything like that. Then I exited out of Google Play, came back in, and tried again. I was able to refund it, and buy it without any problems the second time. It is a great game, especially if you liked it on the web on the PC! Has everything you need to make a great sundae!!!
  7. Just like the flash game!
    Rahatul Choudhury
    People are mad about no refunds, but you ultimately spend money to play it and you get to. If you're mad about it, don't spend your money. The fact that they made this game almost exactly like the computer version with easy-to-use controls is a hard thing to achieve. Worth every penny.
  8. Maddie Kellett
    I recon you should make an update with new things to buy in they shop or mini games where you can use your coins
  9. Love it, but..
    lauren mcconkey
    Not as good as on computer, I love the computer version on Cool Math. Overall very good and no problems.
  10. Good way to waste time
    Eichers Leo
    It never really ends but the shop soon runs out of items to buy, so there really is no use in continuing after a while...
  11. It's really fun but...
    Monica Olivares
    It is really fun but I have bought everything and I have a lot of coins saved. It would be nice if the game provided more things to buy or like the computer version, provide an arcade section in which we spend coins to play little mini games.
  12. Fun but
    Scott Lovette
    The game always crashes on me and it glitches so i blend it fast
  13. Sweet, Simple, Fun
    Lesa Passmore
    I've been surprised by how much I've continued to enjoy playing this game. It's simplicity makes it perfect for waiting rooms, quick breaks or just killing a little time and just challenging enough to keep me interested in playing. True, it would be better if there were more purchases to earn.
  14. Michelle Pastorek
    I LOVE all of the papa games. I especially love the new apps. It is very cool that you can play the games on your phone/tablet. I like that they made all of their older games more interesting and fun in this app. Eventually, it would be cool to have all the games on apps!
  15. fun!
    Its a fun, family friendly game. It also really helps with your concentration skills. I love this game, its so much fun!
  16. its an awesome game
    skyler Potter
    i love this game but it keeps lagging and i keep screwing up the sauce and toppings but its still a great game i recommend it :-)
  17. Papas Freezeria
    Steven Exelby
    Awe in 1000000 ways. But lots of close calls to next rank. Why Donuteria locals 1 after another?
  18. Epic
    Sally Sue
    Love making shakes for these customers. Although i don't have anything to spend my $ on anymore
  19. I like it ok,wish it wud let u know what u mess up with on the milkshakes,wen u don't get tipped,that way u know what to do to make tha milkshake better and have happier customers,that's all.
    Christie Sellers
    Wish it wud point out milkshake mistakes to make it better,n have better customers.
  20. Super fun! But...
    Katie Cua
    Fast-paced strategy game that's a great way to kill time. The only thing is that once you buy everything in the shop, there's nothing else to buy so you just have a ton of coins for nothing. Also, you only get up to 6 customers per day maximum. Also heard that if you uninstall, there's no refund. Otherwise, love it!


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