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  1. Awful lag
    amanda auton
    Ok so i had this game on my ipod 5 and I loved it. I got a galaxy s4 and just had to download this game again. On my ipod it was very smooth operation but on my galaxy it has major lag. I Uninstalled alot of game to open up memory. I disabled quite a few apps to boost my phone. Nothing has helped. If you can fox the lag then I'll be more than happy to rate 5 stars and continue playing.
  2. Great game
    Martellis Jones
    Organized toppings would be great. All meats peppers veggies together instead of all over the place. Otherwise great fun. I hate the snobs at the end of the shifts Lol. I mess up their orders on purpose.
  3. 99¢!?!
    Kearstin Ivory
    Honestly, I enjoy this game (and ALL variations) so much, sometimes I feel guilty, as if I had stolen it or something. I'd easily be willing to pay at least 5x the price! So ridiculously worth the 99
  4. Fun game with a few minuses.
    Tochi Notgunnatellya
    The animations when you serve pizzas take too long though. It gets complicated and boring too quickly and requires a lot of available time to get the cutting and serving right. It's not necessarily a bad thing but if I was looking for a game that I can get a quick fix out of while in line or something and this isn't it.
  5. Amazing, cheap too
    Isabell DeRaps GragonSlayer
    Great way to waste time amazing, love your marketing strategy you charge 1 dollar for an amazing game that should cost more and add in app purchases makes it feel just right not too expensive
  6. The Best Papa Louie Phone Game.
    Flutter Dash
    Papa's Pizzeria To Go is a great app, and it's the best papa louie game for phones. It now has lobby customization and, more importantly, NO FRESHNESS. Awesome job Flipline Studios.
  7. Can you
    Kushal Dornahalli
    It's a very good game and a very cheap too. But can you make the rest of your games for androids too as I don't have a computer now and I really want to play the games.
  8. A good pizza making game!
    Leanne Koster
    These games were ment to be played on a phone not on a computer!
  9. Best Game Ever
    Allison Van Siclen
    I hope this company continues to make their online games into apps. This may sound silly, but these games have helped me through some really hard times. I'm a writer, and these games force me to use a completely different part of my brain.
  10. Love this game
    Kimberly Neal
    I have wingeria, papas burgeria, the milkshake game and the burgeria...waiting on the others to get on android....please hurry!!!!!
  11. Love it
    Miles Placencia
    Fun game i just got it and it is really fun. It is like the version on the computer. I always play it on the computer and they are exactly the same
    Arabella Baker
    I play it all the time on my computer so i can have it on my tablet now
  13. #-1 FAN!
    Khadijah Daniel
    I freaking love this game! All of them... Papa's Burgeria, Freezeria, TacoRia, every single one!!!!!!
  14. @Tochi
    Jesse Duncan
    That's actually part of the mechanics. Wait until you get some bronze customers. The better star they have, the faster you jot down their order and serve their pizza.
  15. Makes me hungry!
    Zak Flores
    It is so much fun! It is just like the online version!
  16. Alright but..
    Kelsey Oh-Criner
    It's not HD so it looks really old fashion, but I like the other games
  17. Addicted!!!!!
    alissa furr
    Fun time killer!!!! Simple concept, yet challenging time management!!!!!love it!!!
  18. Childhood Game Is Mobile?
    Used to play this game all the time when I was pretty young, and I'm glad I found this. Great mobile version, more than worth the dollar you have to pay to get it.
  19. !!!
    Daryl Blankenship
    i have always loved all of these games was a little upset it wasnt free but got way tpo excited when i seen how cheap it was. absolutely love it. but i want to see the list of achievments. and im not sure hpw to
  20. So cheap
    Emma Brockley
    I bloody love this game and all the papa games keeps me entertained for hours hehe


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