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Eduard Cortés | Game Artist

Daniel Bravo | Ilustrador

Leandro Hernán | Game Developer

Marc Tormo | Co-Founder and Game Director

Reviews 6,391

  1. World Ear II TCG
    Jake Reeves
    Fun, but really like the little history tidbits with each card
  2. Great
    Damian Percival
    Realy like this game, one suggestion is to have different PvP battle areas eg no leg cards, as I'm new to the game and tried pvp was against the same guy twice who has deck of leg/epics, other than the PvP matchup I give 2 thumbs up, also please add G+ login as not everybody uses facebook
  3. Excellent!!
    Scott Zwernemann
    Excellent game. Great battle concept. Truly one of a kind.. I tried your monster battle too and just as good! Keeps me playing. Simple style of play but very addictive! Only thing I ask is if you can keep building! I just started so its all pretty new. But keep updates coming with maps cards and stuff to keep us playing.
  4. ugly and uninspired
    CN. ST.
    games mechanically solid - but very boring, and ugly as sin.
  5. Really
    Michael Kline
    Id really like to compliment the developers and whoever runs this site. I've had a couple issues and they've done a great job helping me. Thank you. Great game
  6. Don't spend money...
    Karl Pfaff
    Game itself was okay. However, I logged in one day and all my cards were gone. Been weeks since emails about problem, still nothing.
  7. Version 1.3.7 not playable
    Andrew Chan
    Hi, after the new update, it prompts that version 1.3.4 is needed to proceed. So how do we go about now? Just frozen at the main title...
  8. World war 2
    Robert Wiley
    Good so far keep it going , thanks........when does new version down load?
  9. Tim V
    Where's my free lives?....ticker keeps going but no lives! hoo!
  10. Great game. Got potential
    Shaun Holmes
    Only problem is game crashes and freezes, you lose energy. If they added a save feature so you didn't lose battles and energy, i would rate 5*.
  11. Nicely put together TCG
    Matthew Hughes
    Like TD games, TCG are not amongst the top of my favorite game genres. Although I do enjoy Hearthstone and the Kindgom Rush games. This WW2 inspired TCG is a nice and welcome addition to my Android game collection. I first played this over on Kongregate, before finding it on mobile, annoyed I had to start again as didn't sync with my Kong account, but no worries. I enjoyed going through the levels again, with a better understanding of how the cards interect, the strategies involved while trying to get those elusive 3 starts. Enjoyable to a degree, but the timed levels (destory air, infantry, ground with a number of turns) can be frustrating, if you haven't set up the perfect deck.
  12. No response to lost card pack - Resolved
    Dan Hogan
    I purchased a card pack a week ago, and did not receive it after the game timed out and froze. I have not received any response to repeated attempts to contact the developer. ***Edit*** I'm not sure why, but the emails sent through Google play were not received. Lost card pack was credited. Thank you.
  13. Well thought out
    Douglas Lussier
    Very well thought out CCG that gives you a lot of options to lvl up. Interesting PvP battles and overall clever strategy with clean design
  14. Looks like a great game can't play tho text and stuff to small to play even on my galaxy s3
    Brandon Frazier
    You need a tablet to play this game or at least a large screen
  15. Bill Sanders
    My fav last phone broke and I got a new one and had to get it
  16. Early stages
    Marko L
    but enjoying it. If/when I come across issues mentioned by others, I'll revise.
  17. Ww2 tcg
    jared peterson
    Amazing ww2 strategy card game. thank you!!!!!
  18. Great tcg
    robert jobst
    This is a great TCG. New idea. Recommend game.
  19. fun ccg
    Philip Vo
    Great strategy game battle my user name private join n play.
  20. Nice!
    ewin paul
    Good mechanics, easy to play, good potential to become even better if the developers continue to add more features,


What`s new

- Fixed an issue regarding the swapping of some specific cards