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Eduard Cortés | Game Artist

Daniel Bravo | Ilustrador

Leandro Hernán | Game Developer

Marc Tormo | Co-Founder and Game Director

Reviews 16,628

  1. Attempted to make fraudulent charges?
    Wes VanderWiele
    Game is very fun but the customer support is lacking I have emailed twice in the last few days because I paid for coins which I never got and was billed for and then had to pay another 5 bucks to actually get the coins! I really want to speak to someone at the support team to help clear this issue, I will rate it 5 at that time but it's currently not letting me play p vs p bc of what happened saying I attempted to make fraudulent charges for some reason.
  2. Tournament
    Eric Miller
    Still went let me connect to Facebook on my phone. I press connect and the page just keeps reloading. Dont pay to play tournaments. The cards suck and you lose coins even if you win. Better off playing for free taking your pittance and hoping for an egg every so often.
  3. Great Game!
    Muhammad Syarul Iman Baba
    Thank you so much Game Dev! I'm really happy with your new updates! Thank you for your hard work.
  4. Cant connect to Facebook
    Daniel Khushairi
    Whenever I try to connect to Facebook, the game keeps going to Facebook and back to Monster Battle. It just keeps doing it over and over again. I hope you can help me with this problem because I would really like to play this game :)
  5. Fun tcg
    Fun card game kinda like pokemon but not complaining
  6. Fix for five stars
    Jordan Woody
    Idk what you guys did but it kicked me out of Facebook and now wrong sync with Facebook like before please fix it again permanently this time
  7. Can't connect to Facebook?
    Derek Mains
    I've tried uninstalling and really installing Facebook but all it does it keep refreshing and loading instead of connecting?
  8. Dear frozenshard games
    James Hornickck
    Seeing all these reports made me want to download this game and so I loved it so much without paying a penny
  9. Joshua Kelln
    But after you beat the first nap if u don't't have facebook you have to pay to move on its bull. Otherwise its a really fun game
  10. Kongregate
    Scott Brooks
    I play the this on kongregate and I think it would be great if I could connect with kongregate then having to start over
  11. good enough.
    dustin streibich
    It's well enough to keep me entertained. won't allow me to connect to Facebook when I says I need to for a few things. very touchy and sometimes difficult to place cards.
  12. Kitty Legault
    I personally hate the fact that you cant choose who fights who, you dont keep your hand once the turn is over, and how money things are so expensive? Who the hell whould paye 15$ for extra life or something!! XD thats so stupid... so yeah, because of the lack of control, or even a challenge... ill be uninstalling the app. Yes, it is indeed fun, but not enough to play it again. Sorry!
  13. Monster battles : TCG
    joshuah vasquez
    Fun and hope this game goes big
  14. Loughran Healy
    I love it just make more cards please.:-)
  15. Sucks
    Joe Watson
    Wouldn't even let me sign in on Facebook. Keeps bringing up Facebook asking me to sign in after I already did. . . .
  16. Muhd Nazirul
    I can't connect to facebook please fix it now and i will give you 5 stars or not i will uninstall itt....
  17. Love it
    Darien Corbett
    Yeah, actually I have a Samsung s5 and when I try to connect it just spazzes out and try to load it over and over.
  18. EPIC !
    Logan Naylor
    I got the idea from my friend's and I loved it.
  19. Slight issue
    Noah Byich
    I'm obsessed with this game but I keep having issues connecting to Facebook.
  20. More chance of summoning more guys
    mike robertson
    It's good but it need to be easier to get guys


What`s new

- Top 3 position of each league will receive exclusive rewards, especially in the Master League.

- Aspect Cards now can be “empowered” like normal monsters.

Fixed Bluseal ability description.
Fixed an issue with card’s back frame.

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