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игры рыцари
рыцари игры



Oleg Savschouk | Vice President, Live Operations

Hamburg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Sven Geibert | Technical Director bei Goodgame Studios

Hamburg Bahrenfeld, Hamburg, Germany |

Thomas Zimmermann | Chief Marketing Officer at Goodgame Studios

Hamburg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Patrik Wilkens | Product Lead & Founder of Game Industry Networking

Hamburg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Reviews 1,296,680

  1. It's so awsome
    Woods Cao
    I love this game but stop making us use so much rubies or buy my dad won't even let me buy rubies so change that but this game is the best game on my phone awsome game
  2. Great! But still laggy.
    Enrico Evangelish
    After a long-time search for a good strategy game on Android, I finally found what I'm looking for :) .. If you fix the bugs and the lag I've been experiencing on the world map, I'll rate y'all 5 stars.
  3. Impenetrable
    Sarah Dewar
    I downloaded this app 2 days ago & have to say I'm lost. Too much new info upfront, then too little info & support for newbies, & expectations way beyond the pale given lack of learning & growing space for a new player. Don't download this if you can't afford to check in under 6 times a day. Lovely concept. Massively unrealistic. I have been booted out of a community without notice despite being in a developing mkt with intermittent wifi/power. Pathetic view from other gamers too!! Fail. Uninstalling NOW...
  4. It's great
    greg paul
    I love this game. I've tried allot of these types of strategy games and they all seem to fall short somewhere. This games great ask around.
  5. Amazing but......
    Gavin Mesecke
    Its really cool ive been trying to find a game like this forever the only thing is that it keeps stoping when i try to do a new thing or two If you are looking for a game this is the right one
  6. Enjoying it!
    lost prophet
    I apologise for the previous rating, it was probably my connection that was having a problem. Thanks for the quick reply tho!! I appreciate it :) I'm enjoying gameplay so far, I'm loving the quick build times early in the game. I have a slight lag issue but its definitely playable. Definitely gonna recommend it to my mates.
  7. A little bit laggy
    Adrian Rodriguez
    The game is fun. Good looking graphics,a colorful game. But is a little bit laggy and is not smooth enough. Not enough zoom in nor zoom out. Is a good game,simple, and good,but it could be a lot better. It could be the best Empire game on Google Play,but you guys need to work on it.
  8. The best game
    Dyaln Best
    There is nothing to not like songs great game douse not lag its the best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best game ever download it. It so munch better than clash of clan bye far GET THIS APP!!!! THE BEST.!!!!!!!!
  9. Empire 4 Kingdoms: an amazing game
    Georgina Shough
    I downloaded this because it was similar to Clash of Clans. At first I didn't think it would be as good. But I was wrong and it is amazing! There isn't any ads so it's not annoying because there isn't an advert popping up every 5 minutes. A great game with plenty of fun and lots of new friends to be made. I defiantly recommend this to everyone.
  10. Loved game BUT
    Steph Wilton
    Loved game until last update now slow to load then freezes and crashes have not been able to play for longer then 3-4 mins before it crashes and due to how it lags and freezes can't do a thing before game crashes
  11. Super fun game!
    Cassidy brimer
    At first I was worried it would lag, but everything is fine! It's a very entertaining and colorful game. I would definitely recommend it.
  12. lags
    Logan McKinnie
    it lags really bad and about 200 or so of my rubies dissapeared. other than that it's great. if you could fix it to where it doesn't lag nearly as bad then I'll give it 4 stars. a big thing I love about this game tho is that it uses barely any data so that's an up. GoodGame Empire is my favorite game ever
  13. Just Started
    DoubleAJaay AndAHalf
    I just started so I can't really give it five stars yet. When I started off I read all the reviews and a lot of them said it was laggy, but I'm actually fine so far. Its great but I was a little confused in the beginning. It kind of just throws all the information at you all at once then expects you to know it. Other than that I think the game is great so far.
  14. Do I get to play anymore?!
    Kelly Morris
    I downloaded this game and got to play for an hour or so, now I can't get back in all I get is the title screen. I would really like to finish what I started. I don't have this on my phone so it's not my phone's fault. Please fix this crazy game or I will uninstall every time my computer goes to sleep I have to turn it completely off and restart it to get the game to even load again.
  15. Very nice
    Arya Alexandra
    Empires is a fun and challenging. Only thing thats annoying is after leaving the game logged in and coming back to it, you have to wait for it to load.
  16. Josh Ashford
    Best game I've ever played in my life. Just one request though: can we have a free second builder as it takes ages to upgrade all my buildings with just one builder
  17. Greatest game
    Brayden Wasson
    I love the update thank you for allowing us users to disband soldiers
  18. Great game
    Ann-Marie Y
    I would give it a five if not for the fact that rubies are needed so much and the adverts for them keep popping up when you enter the game and at other times.
  19. Great strategy game but needs to be fair for none ruby players
    Thomas Conner
    Non ruby plays should have option with coins to buy any ruby recruit of any type
  20. I can only see the texts on samsung tab
    gina providencia
    What a problem!!!!!, i cant see any pictures, frames,etc. Just texts, plz help.


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The Relicus is now in business, allowing power-hungry lords to unlock the full potential of their relic equipment, heroes and gems and build an army capable of destroying their enemies! A new Armory is also available, increasing the equipment storage capacity in your castle. Additionally, the Battle for Berimond has been added to the list of Kingdom's League events to mark the arrival of a new league season! Check out the forum to learn more!

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