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elf games



张晓晖 | 上海地奇网络科技有限公司 - 市场总监

Yangpu District, Shanghai, China |

郭新涛 | 上海地奇网络科技有限公司 - 市场经理

安徽 合肥 |

董可晨 | 上海地奇网络科技有限公司 — 城市经理

Hefei City, Anhui, China |

丁伟峰 (david ding) | 商务拓展总监 — 上海地奇网络科技有限公司

Zhabei District, Shanghai, China |

Reviews 21,946

  1. Cant login thru FB
    Rovica Humaira
    Ive uninstalled-installed & updated the game, but I cant log in thru my FB. Loading for a while, then end up time out. Rebooted my phone as well, but to no avail. I give u 5 stars coz i believe u guys can solve this. By the way, i'm using android Thank you in advance
  2. Fuck u
    affad aklan
    Got bug??? yet my ares always been hit while yor tiamat always miss wtf ares 65% miss tiamat 45% miss..n my card 65% resurrection never been ressurect from pro niama ur ai...
  3. Can't login
    trivano raditya putra
    Suddently i can't login, everytime i want to play it said network failure, already reinstall many time,still didn't work
  4. What has happened?
    Richard Earle
    I have been playing this game for 2 years. I am level 89 and ranked 39 on server for match and now game has stopped working. I tried to reinstall but when I search on Google Play the game isn't even listed. I have an older version on my tablet that still works but none of the events such as chop shop are seen. I cannot update that device because it says incompatible. When I look at Google Play it is not on my installed list for either device yet my inapp purchases are listed. Please tell me what is happenin
  5. update
    Jonathan Tang
    i can't login through facebook after lastest updates..fix it up please..thank you
  6. It sucks
    Syamsul Rizal Fany
    I will give 5 star if you fix about log in problem. Its hard for me to log in. Via facebook, play now, and for more account.
  7. Pls give my rewards in KOK
    Andrew Liew
    Hi. I really enjoy playing ER. But in the latest event King of Kings I got 4th in KOK stadium. I didn't received my rewards. Please check. User is SacXi. Host server is Anubis. Invitation code is 44vnaj. Really please give me my due rewards. Thanks.
  8. Fix this!
    Chia Thiambok
    This game is fun but whenever I log in to the game, it will keep exiting the app and go back to home page! Please fix this bug it bothers me alot!
  9. Lost my account
    Luke Elmarra
    I already bind it to facebook long time ago. Now i lost everything in my deck. Amateur dev programmer.
  10. Um.........
    Indah Puspitasari
    I love the game but now I can't open it's keep say network failure.
  11. 44ufwc
    eriqa eifa
    Enter my invitation code 44ufwc and get a 5 star card and daimon...come on guys... :)
  12. Best gameplay, rune bug speed
    Renaldo Andrianto Kurniawan
    Please fix bug, rune activate speed 3x become 1x, but another rune activate, make speed back to normal (3x).
  13. Wtf cant battle
    Chris Seven
    Your game has the dissapointing map glitch happen again. And after months of updates you have not fixed it yet !!
  14. Cannot login
    ct sarah
    Right now the game only show the ifree screen..its stay like that for 30 minutes even when I had restart the phone several times its still the same..please help me..I must get online to get anubis card..this is frustrating :'(
  15. Really cool & addictive
    Paul Frederic Mangahis
    The best card game i've found so far!! Server: S-11 Astrea.. Use code: 44u6fx
  16. Love this. Really ^^
    Freya Clio Hearthfilia
    I actually reinstalled it coz I missed it. Great game
  17. Censored?
    Nino G
    How come u do that? I just reinstall the game and now all lovely goddess had been censored. I guess i have to uninstall it again. Feeling depress with those new looks.
  18. Really love it
    Raden Putra
    The game is great, being addict since played it for the first time. And the admin is so nice and kind ^^
  19. Updates
    Tedo Marecar
    I cant login to my facebook account after updating.. can you help me?
  20. andy william
    My account dissapear ! After this new update ,please fix it