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Alex Thabet | President at Ludia

Montreal, Canada Area |

Alina Gotcherian | Community Specialist; ACTRA Actor

Montreal, Canada Area |

Michel Aubinais | Product Manager at Ludia

Montreal, Quebec, Canada |

Joanie Pépin | Developer at Ludia

Montreal, Canada Area |

Reviews 66,147

  1. Stuck on Ludia screen
    Jim West
    Game will not open. Nexus 6. Please fix soon.
  2. Big b
    Brian Perez
    Great game except the fact when your about to get a bingo and it kicks u out.and my wife keeps loading an plinko game wont let her play at all.
  3. No fix for note 4
    John Mcmahon
    Won't load... just sits at splash screen. Been like this for a few weeks. Popular phone... you would think would be a priority, does not appear that way... removing till a fix is made
  4. So sick of this
    Charles Bailey
    Wow. Another total screwup from Ludia. With This new update I cant even open the game. Two weeks ago it froze halfway through bingos a few times and cost me Cash and coins and tickets. When I cintacted Ludia they grudgingly offered to replace my lost items but of course they never did. I would not recommend this game or anything from them to anyone
  5. Price is right
    Ingrid Mcconnell
    It would be a great game if u could play it, as soon as u pick what board u want to play it shuts off. If u do get through to play half way through the game will freeze what a waste of time,I'm definetly uninstalling it.
  6. angela graves
    I don't like that you can't see your level progess... Am I 10 points away from level 30 or 1000 away? Not going to buy bundle tickets if I can't figure out how close I am to the next level, because the tickets only refill at level up. So if I have 38/40 tickets and I level up, I now have 40, and that is a waste! Most other bingo games give you a progress bar and a certain amount of tickets for leveling up, a much better method.
  7. Updated phone; won't work now
    Alana Dutson
    *still hasn't been fixed and won't work* This will go back to 5 stars once I can play again. Ever since I updated my phone it will not open and I don't want to lose all my cash and coins by uninstalling then re installing
  8. Loved it when it worked!
    Amber Hughes
    I love playing this game and getting all the mPoints from it. I've missed out on SO many since I haven't been able to play it for about a MONTH. Sure would love to play this game again! Tried uninstalling and reinstalling on my Note 4 to no avail. Fix soon please!
  9. Sharina Cox
    This game freezes and takes your money and shuts off. would be good but to many issues. Watch for free money and nothing a lot of lost no gain and I could fine a way besides this to complain
  10. Works great...with one flaw
    Jenny Moody
    Love this game! The only glitch is it won't load if you also have another Bingo game downloaded to your phone. I added Bingo Bash to my phone, and once I did, this app wouldn't load. I took bingo bash off my phone, and BAM! TPIR Bingo started working again. Seems like the programmer's were sneaky and made it to where you could ONLY have this version.
  11. Please fix the game already!!!
    Casey McEvoy
    This was an awesome bingo game, so it sucks that they broke it with the last update. Even worse, they don't even seem to care. Plenty of us have informed them we can't play, and nothings changed.
  12. Downloaded this last week
    Kimberley Jones
    Its a great game but keeps closing itself down I lose any cards I was playing and its frustrating please fix and will rate 5 star
  13. Not fixed! BOO!!!
    Burgundy Young
    Game started great... but when paid for stuff it does not know it and bingo boxes get X'd, will spit out up to 12 numbers in a row, none of them being on any of the 6 cards... AND it gives out the same crappy collection items (even when you have 9 of them!!!) Please offer an option to earn keys... there is a 1 in 24 chance one will be achieved and this never happens... only tickets to keep playing and who what's to keep playing a game you never win??? Quite frustrating really... please fix these glitches!
  14. Awesome sauce
    Ruth Eastridge
    Love it so much its addictive BTW the is Katelyn Phillips lol awesome add something like to let the game go oooon and change the thing that pops up at the bottom that says bingo and it just knocked me off so u guys its ur choose to download or a naw so if u download see if u like it I don't I'm giving it 3 stars!!! :)
  15. Love it!!!
    Whitney loos
    It's very fun and very addicting! The only thing I don't like is the glitches once every other month while your play. ( like it take a few seconds longer then it should to show the numbers!)
  16. Lost all my game history
    Patti Beekman
    With every update it resets my game and I need to start over at level 1.
  17. Come on down...for what?
    Katherine Belden
    I have deleted and re-downloaded this game 3 times in the past 5 days. Today, the game won't open so I have lost the items that I have spent money on as well as my progress. I love the game, when it is working, but the continuous freezing and glitches are getting old.
  18. Why doesn't this work on my Note 4??
    Alicia Pollock
    I had this game for my Note 2 with no issues and now I can't play at all.... disappointed.
  19. Loading is too slow
    Shannnon Feeney
    Also, the wait time for freebies is way too long. One freebie at a time is rather tiring. If I want to play the same BINGO soon after it is finished, the loading time is WAY too slow and I miss my chance to replay right away. Also, needs to be faster when unlocking our prizes, and there should be more freebies. It is pretty fun in the long run but it needs a LOT of improvement.
    Pamela Schramke
    Great game EXCEPT it keeps freezing after rounds and doesn't let me collect my prizes! The bingo games run just fine. They've fixed some errors but always seem to cause more. I'm VERY irritated this game no longer loads when I'm on Wi-Fi. I have to go to 4G to even play it and then it's SLOW! Also, the REAL MONEY purchases are just TOO EXPENSIVE! I'm done purchasing (and I've spent more than I care to admit!) Make it REASONABLE!