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  1. Nice reference
    Crista Bailey
    I like how you put Yandere Kuku. She is from Yandere stimulator, and she kills while having a obsession with Sempi. The game is also very addictive. Well done :)
  2. I want to love it but I feel underwhelmed
    Ian Richard
    This is an odd one to review because it has potential, I love the look and feel, and I can see people enjoying it. But I just don't feel that it worked. The core gameplay is just drawing random heroes with no limits. Instead of acting as a side challenge, the battles rely on spamming hero draws until you have a strong army. Strange as this sounds I find myself longing for a limit to the draws to add more meaning to the battles.
  3. It's interesting and here's why
    Christian Munso
    While the game can get you 5 Star units in mere minutes of playing (I already have a full team of 5 stars and iv only been playing for 20 minutes) and it's fairly easy because of that, it has allure to it as you want to see how powerful you can become and what characters you are gonna get.Most of the characters are stylized around anime and Japanese culture and that's very appealing. Overall it's a pretty good time waster :D
  4. Great game
    Zoe Elmer
    I love the game, but along with many other people leaving reviews, I wish there was more action (maybe multiplayer battles or a storyline?). I would also like actual villain characters when you battle, not just fighting your characters against each other. Otherwise, love the game, love the characters, and love the art.
  5. A little laggy
    Caden Mcwhirt
    As soon as the update my game got laggy but other than that got every gacha and can't wait for more!
  6. Update it please!!
    Joseph Baker
    This game is pretty cool but can you make it so that we can battle other players?
  7. Idk what to say...
    Victor Aponte
    This game isn't bad. It's kinda hard to explain. The game sucks. Like there's no real point in playing it. There's no real action or anything interesting. You just keep spinning to level up your team. It's seriously one of the dumbest games I've ever played, However, Idk why, but it's super addicting. I want to get rid of it, but you spend so much time playing that you don't want to get rid of it...
  8. It's fun
    Lions Are Awesome
    And the ultra rare pop idol girl is literally Kyoko Sakura from madoka magica with white hair, and Yandere Kuku from Yandere simulator is there!
  9. That's all?
    Chris W
    Well, it's hard to explain but, you need to make it better. Something like, different summoning gates. Blue is 5 gems green is 10 red is 25 and golden is 75
  10. Not bad,
    Tori Brown
    Not bad at all, in fact, it's awesome!!!
  11. Amazing potential.
    Jay Sanders
    The game is great, unlimited gacha tickets, lots of sets and characters to choose from (though I wish there's 'bout race queen set?), and the only in app purchase is to remove ads plus benefits. I kinda hoped for some sort of plot to this and maybe an afinity gauge or something. All in all, I see no reason why this app could be bad.
  12. Very fun!
    Hidoku Shinaide
    Its so easy and very fun I love it! Keep up the good work!
  13. Feed your gacha pulling addiction!
    Neko Nicole
    Perfect for the person who is addicted to pulling gachas in games but doesn't like having to farm/buy tickets! *cough* like me *cough* :'D Seriously, I can't wait for new cases to be released so I can expand my collection haha :P
  14. Not bad. Not bad at all!
    David Peace
    So, I REALLY love this game. The only problem was that ads crashed the game, but when I bought the + it was fine. Thus, I'm having a great time with it. Also, nice references you've been leaving around. Pretty fun. Quick suggestion: add VIP Gatchas for + Owners. Don't go too hyper on em though.
  15. Pure Knight
    nice game i thought its online ^_^V keep it up add more gacha chars 5stars for you guys and does every character in gacha changes everyday or not??
  16. It's fun but....
    Avion Colossus
    The lag makes playing it a bit of a hassle :c
  17. Favor
    Draven Gaming
    Please add Naruto, Dbz, Bleach, AoT, Tokyo Ghoul, One Piece. If you call it Anime Gatcha, I would enjoy it alot better. Please add this.
  18. Not bad but..
    Asagiri Asagi
    How do I lvl up my character?
  19. St o p don't talK TO Moi
    The game isn't bad its very fun, its just sorry if you're busy can you add more sections to spin for gachancuz insorta got them all.
  20. I play every day but...
    April Foster
    The ultra rare is so amazing and it should be hard to get I mean like my first hour I got kinin please make it a little harder but awesome game!


What`s new

- Five new Gacha Cases has been added! There are 50 new characters to collect!
- Vinyl Fantasy
- Neon Lunatics
- Creation of Gacha
- Neutral Hope
- Lunime Parade
- New "Anime Gacha Booster" is purchasable in the Gem Shop.
The bundle includes the following:
- 300 Gems
- 300,000 Gacha Medals
- Previous Gacha Cases had their Rarity increased to make them worth doing.
- New "Voice" setting has been added to the Options. Turn it on to hear Rin's voice!

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