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  1. I like it but
    龍之介 Hartley
    The so called "WM-19.45" your allowoed to put a text on it. But every time I try the app stops and audio puts me on my home screen with an error and I can't put the text on the gun. Could you please fix that feature I'd like to put text on the WM-19.45.
  2. Amazing!
    Brandon Weiss
    Worth the money. The most realistic simulator for anything I have ever had the honor of playing. Interesting and well done choice of guns.
  3. Beau Bezdek
    I love this app! It's very realistic,except one slight issue about the gun names that are not accurate,but I can change the name.Anyway Great Job!
  4. Awsome
    Elijah morrow
    But there's only one tiiiiny thing its just that when ever I set the flash effect setting on it doesn't actually work neither does smoke effect and my flash works and so does the game so I'm not sure what the problem was but if would could look into this I would be very glad but its an amazing game
  5. Awesome
    kaden hicks
    This is really good. I used it to play war with my freinds. It was the best gun out of all the sticks
  6. WOW
    Ethan Boyd
    This game is amazing!! ! The sounds are great, the jamming animation is cool, the model of the guns over all are great
  7. Amazing
    Reaper OS
    I love this app and I have spent countless hours playing with all 3 weaphone apps and I love them but as mabye an idea I think it would be awesome having a sci-fi weaphone app with all high tech futuristic guns I just think that would be like mind-bogglingly spectacular but anyway keep up the amazing work!!!:D
  8. Fun and Realistic
    Raymond Lim
    So far is the most realistic gun simulation apps. Love it.
  9. Best weapon simulator
    Tony Lu
    Excellent app along with Vol 2 and WWII. I like the mini game for the desert eagle. It would be great if you can do that to all the other guns in other Weaphone apps. I would like more weapons though like M16 or maybe a simulator for a taser like the X26. I would like to see more weapons. Keep up the good work.
  10. Great app! A must have!
    Armando Andavazo
    It's a cool app that is accurate, when it comes to load and unload it's weapons. Has cool mini games! I recommend it to anyone that likes firearms. :D
    Nicholas Holman
    Best game ever! But when I first had it you guys would give freebies but I think that stopped. Please give out freebies. Then this would be the best game in the world! You guys rule! #AWESOME #Freebies please!
  12. Weapons
    In sang Cho
    Please add more weapons and attatchments Oranginal Plan. Call of duty guns would be nice. Thanks!
  13. Excelent!
    Ryan Lente
    Ive had the free version for over a year. I loved it so much i droped the $2 and oh my girlfriend is even more annoyed ^.^
  14. Great app
    Matt Poon
    So far I have not found a better app to spend money on. The WW2 is out of this world, I know there is a ton of guns but would love to see a few more. Thanks for making these apps.
  15. Favorite app.
    Ralph Kalashnikov
    Excellent. Would very muck enjoy a more realistic skin for the hand grenade. MKII preferably.
  16. Amazing
    Johnny Raven
    I wish that I could get a refund because it has so little guns
  17. Ryan LaPeters
    For some reason the flash on my phone won't work
  18. I love it
    Sergio Sandoval
    It would be better if it work on bluetooth as well as the link function
  19. Flash does not work . Galaxy s5
    Nismo Nismo
    Flash doesnt work. 5 stars if it did.
  20. Flash does not work for HTC One M8
    Johnny Whiplash
    Will give 5 stars if that's fixed


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