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  1. It's pretty good
    Axel Juarez
    It's cool the mechanics the HD graphics are outstanding but the modern weapons were much better than these classes well in my opinion
  2. Very good
    Erik Standen
    One of my favorie apps, only thing is you sbould include weapons from world war one in this app or in another app in the Weaphones series. I would be very greatful. Regardless of my request I honestly think that this is a fun & great app to have.
  3. Great app but I'm having a slight issue.
    Daniel Miles
    For some reason I am having stuttering problems on my Note 4. All of the other Weaphones apps work perfectly but this one stutters. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Other than that it's a great app.
  4. Amazing app, I loved it
    Nemo Wasén
    To reload the single action colt, drag from the front of the underside of the barrel towards the "magazine" and it'll reject an used shell
  5. Initial release
    Evan Prowse
    Despite the slim pickings (but hey, the app JUST came out), it's off to a fantastic start. Authenticity is phenomenal, and definitely worth the wait. Although, the Winchester and Coach gun could use accelerometer controls (rechambering and opening the breach, respectively). Also, I noted on my EVGA Tegra Note 7 that the controls got a tad quirky (and the sensitivity of the interface is a tad high). Hope these will get sorted out in the future, but absolutely wonderful so far, despite the minor bugs that everyone expects upon the initial release. Here's hoping to how things progress.
  6. Exellent
    Mark Wheatley
    I am a former member of the Australian Defense Force, bought your first app way back and have been hooked straight away, I have all 4 apps now best money l have spent for apps great fun, keep up the good work as always look forward to future updates.
  7. Hope updates really are cool
    johnnie stewart
    Great game for the initial startup but hopefully they do as they have in the past weaphones (that I have all of I like them so much) the updates will be great but im not so sure about what they could add but ill be waiting
  8. Brilliant, as always
    matt 6517
    For just 80p, you get some pretty nice guns to play with! Very realistic, slick and simply a joy to use.
  9. I came
    Diaz Hendratta
    I'm looking forward to have more antique guns (maybe with wheellock, match lock, or ferguson musket) implemented here since many of them are interesting especiallythe working mechanism. Oh and adding a fanning feature to the colt SAA would be terrific
  10. Gun suggestions
    James Howell
    I love this game but could you please add the spencers carbine,sharps carbine and the Lemat revolver.
  11. Great!
    Connor Moses
    Bought it the day it came out and got much more than expected! There IS of course a down side, when you use the "single action colt" after reloading and shooting the six shots, you cannot reload again, and so you have the exit the gun and enter it again, But that's because its NEW! Endless list of good comments!
  12. Nick H.
    Im so glad they finally have antique weapons! Weaphones is definitely the best firearm simulator!
  13. Steven Buettgenbach
    Steven Buettgenbach
    This is great, I did not know that this was available. I have all the other weapon phones that they put out. I love this!
  14. Great app
    Ben Lodge
    Really good app. Very realistic and runs great on note 2. Bit of history would be good on each gun too.
  15. Great app!
    Qality PL
    I love weaphones series and I have all 4 now. This one (like the others) is great, but pls add some more weapons, for example gatling gun.
  16. Great
    Conan McPhee
    All the weaphones apps are top quality, this fascinating look at old weapons is no exception. The Navy Colt is outstanding.
  17. The guns are antique, but the app is classic
    Jacob Hing
    The blackpowder era comes alive with this app. You loaded powder and ball. .. did you prime the pan? Click. .. it and try again.!. A sublime blend of simulation detail and pew pew fun.
  18. Alright
    Pips Brompton
    Please can you add new guns but its reply good anyway
  19. Could be better.
    Colton Veenstra
    Performance isn't well optimized for my phone. A little bit slow. Could use more variety, but I have faith more will be added, just like in previous apps.
  20. Great
    Timothy Perry
    You realy get to load the wepons your self and is how you accualy load them