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  1. Best game by far
    Parker Jordan
    But I think there should be more buildings,quest and research Thx :D
  2. Amazing!
    Stephen Chan
    The game is amazing! I hope in there next one or in an update they add in a little more strategy, perhaps during the attacks. Maybe a way you can allocate your resources.
  3. GOOD
    Aiden Tompkins
    Great game and all but you guys should try to add a multiplayer setting where you can trade with other towns/players . Other than that I have no complaints. Keep up the amazing work.
  4. Great mobile game
    Yagami Litgh
    Great game overall , looking forward to the sequel .
  5. Love this game
    Michael santoso
    Used to play this game on my PC (browser game). This is the exact same port. Well worth the money.
  6. Love it
    lilly valentine
    This is such a good game that this is my first time rating a game and leaving a comment!!!!!!!!!
  7. Love this style
    James Kerr Wravage
    A bit more depth in the storyline and gameplay and this game will be killer.
  8. Very short for the money :\
    Elbo Kane
    Was a great game while it lasted but one completed became dull :/
  9. LOVED IT!
    Nancy Stratiou
    I just wish you can scavange and kill zombies all at once
  10. Woot
    Jayden Trudzik
    This game is soooooooooo fun but I would like it if you could change their cloths and can get them married and have kids and there be kids and make them age
  11. WOW!
    Michael Justice
    What makes this game so good is on the harder levels strategy will only get you so far. Luck is a major factor. Ive been playing for almost a year now and have yet to beat the hardest level. I hope she makes more games.
  12. Great game
    Sha R
    For the first couple of minutes I thought I had wasted my money on this game but once I learned the objective and how to play it I really like it. Contrary to what some of the people have said in their ratings, it does take a lot of strategy to win. Not a bad price and there is a lot of replay value
  13. HA
    John Wallace
    Played this on Armor Games was happy to see it i like the overthrowing of the church cult and Winter addition made it less madding when your people just jump over the walls like that you can stop that and winter added that extra difficulty i wanted hopd you keep updating this game.
  14. Best $3 I Ever Spent
    Josh Gore
    I built two churches. Two. Within 30 days a cult sprung up that declared the zombies were our extinction event, converted my entire populace to their religion, and convinced everyone to throw themselves over the wall into the zombie hordes beyond because God wanted us to be zombies. 12/10 would play forever.
  15. Its still a good game but
    Beowulf Sanchez
    At one point once you start to advance past day 100 it starts to lag so if you could address that issue that would be great.
  16. Zed is Alive!!
    Rochelle Pitt
    Love Zombies Loved this game kept me entertained for hours. I would have rated 5/5 but I needed to see actual characters walking around and zombie fight scenes that my survivors were involved in. Yeaahhh that would be great!!!
  17. Very good game
    Brandon Hinnergardt
    I have played a great deal of games on my phone but have found very few that have kept me entertained like this one. It truly is an awesome game and defiantly worth the money.
  18. Addictive fun
    Karen Ellis
    Absolutely love this app! Not what I first expected, but after playing for a while now, I'm very happy and will keep playing to kind of "choose your own adventure".
  19. Fun.
    I love the way this game plays. It'd be even cooler if you could actually see tiny little animated zombies attacking your buildings on the main map.
  20. Music Makes it Better
    René Morales
    This game is a fun lesson in leadership. Process for scavenging, building, and killing zombies gets a bit tedious with the repetitive clicking one has to do in order to accomplish the task. However, the music track is outstanding and makes the game feel very zen-like. I'm giving 5 stars because of the music.


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