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  1. Okay
    Song Douangdara
    The game is really short (you can beat it in 3 hours) the enemies are all the same maybe 6 different ones total. I kind of seems like they took there ideas of character and ememies from Super Mario and Final Fantasy. It was good until 2 hours in. Totally not worth the 5 bucks. I would wait till it drops to 1 dollar be caused you're not missing much.
  2. NVIDIA Shield Portable
    Mito Face
    The turn based battles need better controller support. But otherwise this game is an awesome parody retrospective of its genre.
  3. Disappointing
    Milo Russell
    It's cute, but the game is extremely thin. The mechanic of introducing gameplay concepts as the game progresses could be neat, but because it's more concerned with making smarmy, tongue in cheek references, a lot of the time the changes are entirely cosmetic, despite claiming to be otherwise. For example, when "storyline" is unlocked, it's just a quick block of throwaway text that is never referenced again. The one level where switching between modern and early gameplay never actually utilizes mechanical differences, but relies on blocks which are only raised in one mode or the other. The changing mechanics never interact, so instead of feeling like a "dynamic gameplay" game it's basically a series of disconnected mini-games that each reference a different classic RPG/adventure game.
  4. awesome
    Chasse Boudreaux
    this game is worth the money I love how it transitions from 1,2, and 3 dimensions, but I'm giving it 4 Stars because it's not a long game, and there are only 4 bosses if it was anything like I would have hoped then I would have given it 5, it really needs more content.
  5. Awesome!
    Arik Licholat
    Definitely brings on the nostalgia and has a ton of witty moments. It's a bit too difficult at times, due to using a touchscreen to control movement in the 3D world. Not much we can do about that. Otherwise it's an amazing game and I highly recommend it.
  6. Fun but short
    Levi Abernathey
    This is certainly entertaining and well thought out. However, the item menus are a bit too simplistic and the games duration is shorter than one would hope for. I would love to keep playing the game but I've 100 % in just 8 hours of playtime. Overall I'd suggest trying it for yourself.
  7. Way too short
    Colin Ross
    The concept is great and the game is fun, however; it's way too short for what you pay. If you're expecting a game time like that of Final Fantasy or Legend of Zelda, expect less; much less. This game can probably be beaten in 2 hours or less. If they added 20+ hours of story line and content this game would be worth much more.
  8. Nice intentions, frustrating interface
    Tim Swankey
    It's a fun little game, but either due to my screen protector or due to the interface itself, I have limited control over my movement. Being unable to move easily is fatal in the Noria Mines. The whirlwind puzzle, for example, is a simple matter of timing, except if you can't move reliably, it just becomes a crapshoot. A shame, because the game is fun.
  9. Feels like a proof-of-concept, rather than a full game
    Nick Cowan
    It's fun! No doubt about that, and the nostalgic way it runs through the adventure genre of gaming is a walk down memory lane for older gamers. However, I feel as though the developers haven't quite worked out what they're doing with this idea, like they had a meeting and decided 'hey, let's do a game that goes through the entire RPG genre from 2d sidescroller to modern day graphics in one' and everyone said 'yeah, awesome', but they then didn't put any effort into a story, or a reason for it to be like this, so it sort of falls down in the story-telling, progressing with the characters side of things. I hope that they do a second one and develop the story ideas, characters, etc. more.
  10. Great!
    Stephanie Ch.
    Evoland's concept is great, I loved the progressive changes to show the historic evolution in videogames and how you sometimes switch between stages. It's also funny. - Points: More save points missing in some areas where you die easily (Ruins of Sarudnahk). Controlls are not great it's not that comfortable to move around. I would've liked the story to be more complete+original. Overall it's a fun game with a great concept and a lot more potential IMO! Gamepad and Android TV support would be awesome :)
  11. Flawless!!
    Jennifer Kazemek
    What a blast. A bit short but runs beautifully. Great concept and very clever. Got a couple of giggles along the way. Anxiously waiting the next game. Very nicely done. Great job! Update... 2/21/15 I'm stuck at the Sacred Glade. I have one of the pieces of the item I need. When I enter the Glade every time I move I end back at the entrance. Any ideas? Did I miss a chest that let's me break rocks or something? Let me know all I can do is replay areas I have been to. I'm really looking forward to finishing.
  12. Classic RPG with a twist
    Christopher Walton
    Love this game if you would like to get a little bit of history of graphics/RPG then this is the place for you. I waited to review this game til a 3d bug was fixed. I would suggest this to my friends.
  13. Definitely good
    Stevan Garner
    Love the evolution from classic to modern style rpg's and the ability to switch between classic and new to solve puzzles. I know the title says it's a short story which is fine but for $5 it's just a little too easy and short.
  14. Great Idea
    Travis Reynolds
    Wont even open on my android 5.0 and i cant get a refund. Thanks for stealing $5
  15. 4 stars
    Really nice game i love it, the only thing we can all agree on is that its to short but besides that its a real fun game.
  16. Best rpg
    Harold melendez
    Best game i played from the android market kemco games are so easy and boring but this game it's beautiful and has more then 1 battling system love it.
  17. Post Playthrough Edit of Review
    beachagent juano
    originally 5 stars. Upon completion edited down to 4 stars. Very well done game. Extremely worth playing, but worth playing for five dollars? After completing the game, I agree it is shorter than expected for that price of a game that has little replay value. It would be a phenomenal game at $2.50. I guarantee if it was a dollar then they would have made more money than at five and would have nearly all 5 star ratings. The game is an experience everyone should enjoy, but wait for a price drop to snatched it up.
  18. hijimete
    This is a great game and love playing it but it has the worst movement controls, it's very sticky and jurky and if your trying to move fast to avoid anything moving to you you just stand there or jurk around trying to react. Fix this with a control that won't slip up nonstop when fast response is needed to avoid things and it gets 5 stars.
  19. So amazing.
    Troy McFerron
    This runs like butter all the way through on the note 4 and really pops on the display. Great job!
  20. A bit short
    stuart last
    Amazing idea! Needs to be longer and use more of the changing between graphics at will to solve puzzles!


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