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David Kirby | Cofounder at

Chattanooga, Tennessee Area |

Reviews 580,464

  1. I luv the tournament style games!
    Tonya Richmiller
    Sometimes the caller speeds up or a number sneaks in & doesn't get called! Thats the only complaint I have!
  2. Great tournament bingo
    Rebekah Czepiel
    I'm a dailu player and I'm addicted to this app. Only change would be more winnings of boosters & tickets.
  3. Herzig Harte
    Good thing I like about this game is that I get 4 tickets every hour, spin the wheel and the little mini-games, the bad thing is that I can't get power ups, tickets or bingos
  4. Liana Visnic
    I've never seen a bingo that freezes so much and steals so many points and bingos. Please don't ask me for 5 stars ever
  5. Bingo showdown
    Jill Bullock
    This is a great game. The ending needs to go slower. I get bingo near the end and it doesnt get accepted.
  6. robert panke
    No complaints, just I get kinda cluster when the count down final bingos are called. Basically I love this game and challenges. I like part where I can blow a few monies, and sometimes dont have too, In my opinion, its a well balance game play. Thank you
  7. Free Bonus every hour, plus a Daily Bonus!
    Robert Watson
    No impossible Collections to complete, thats a plus. Love the Tournament style game, and that it gives your ranking for the game you just played, as well as the overall tournament ranking. LOVE that it lets you know if you missed daubs too! **WORD OF ADVICE** Pay attention to your ranking, just before the tournament ends log back in and make sure you haven't dropped from Gold to Silver or even worse you dropped so low you miss out on any kick backs when the tourney ends. Good Luck
  8. Deserves 5 stars....
    Misty Dawn
    But they don't give out enough power up a and tickets to new players. And the tourneys end mid day which makes it almost impossible to place unless u have hours of free time which most of us don't. I guess only young people out on summer break win most of the time.
  9. Love this game!
    Erica Clayton
    Absolutely love this game!!! It's amazing!!! Get tickets quickly!! Only thing I would change is to get power ups more often. Loving the new updates!
  10. Love, love, love this game
    LehuaNani Curley
    Love this game, it is so addictive lots of fun. This is a game everyone that loves bingo should download this game. I highly recommend you download today ☺
  11. Bingo Showdown
    Alan P. Nelson
    Great game. Caller of numbers is just a couple second's to fast. I have A.D.H.D and A.D.D. It bells my bingo playing.
  12. Bingo showdown
    Keith Griffith
    Really like this game just don't get enough bingos at the end when you hit bingo it says your to late. I would like to get my credits for ratings this game I need them so I can play.
  13. Kitty Martinez
    Since you can earn tokens every few hours wish one could earn power ups as easily. Not really fond of the long tournaments.
  14. Bingo showdown
    janet westlake
    The game is good. They should give more then 4 tickets. Sometimes when you win you do not receive the winning points.
  15. Great game
    Yvonne Hoover
    I play a lot of games like this one,but have to wait 24 hours for more credits.I like this game so far
  16. Travis Jensen
    Fun game just needs to give you way more tickets or I will drop my rating to a 2 or even 1.
  17. Bingo showdown
    Belinda Anderson
    It's a very smooth game its just you can't get anough tickets.
  18. Shootout
    Bobbie Nunes
    Fun and exciting, but since starting and playing numerous games I am yet to win a game. games are too short. How can you win tickets even if you win a game?
  19. Kathy Sirianni
    Like this game. It does have a few flaws, ending goes way too fast although I think that was the intention. Odd that bingos are called after only 3 #s called.
  20. bellls ringer
    Still loving the game, neat. 1 of the most addictive games I have played. Wow how come occasionally I have a few games where 2 numbers come up at once. Having some way of earning more ticket would be good. Please more tickets, great new way to get tickets, just a pity I cant even win an arguement. Well done though.