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Dmitry Ryzhov | CEO at Social Quantum Development, LLC

Россия |

Роман Таганов | QA Lead – Social Quantum

Ивановская область, Россия |

Владимир Работягов | Project Manager – Social Quantum

Ukraine |

Natalia Kravets | C++ Game Developer

Ukraine |

Reviews 71,309

  1. Great game!
    galen johnson
    Very fun and addictive also. Love playing it with my fb friends to. Up dates were nice to thanks.
  2. Cheryl Bales
    Fix glitz in level 190. Doesn't play correctly.
  3. Atlantis adventure
    Tracy Ho
    I very much like the game but when i signed to google i didnt received the 10 gold coins free been added to my game why
  4. Fun game just downloaded.
    Terri Silva
    Fun to play but tha voice is creepy. And it won't let me turn it off.
  5. Relaxing game
    Lisa Smith
    This is the best match 3 game I play.
  6. It's ok
    jay wilson
    The free spin gives you the same thing over and over. And if you get stuck then you just stuck until you win or buy what you need to win.
  7. Robin Moeton
    That's what tablets are for . if u play on a tablet or buy one u won't have that kind of problem . some of u have cheap phones that don't work for nothing .. Get u a tablet and your game issues will be gone ..
  8. Some resolution
    Miles Mason
    Got a reply from the developer. If I am not signed into Facebook I am on level 61. If I sign in I am on level one. That is not much of a resolution but at least I can continue on from where I was. I have changed my rating from 1 to 3 stars. Give me a real resolution and I will go higher.
  9. Not working after upgrading to Android 5.0
    Praveen Kairamkonda
    I am using nexus 4 and I am getting an exception as "EC2003: Error in establishing secured connectivity. Please check you phone date." Please try to resolve the issue ASAP. I don't even see the app on my phone. Will I loose my already accomplished levels/progress if it was deleted by any chance?
  10. Customer Service
    Mz. Janis
    I appreciate any game that will comment back to their customers . Not everyone does that and it makes a lot of us very encouraged .
  11. Love the game but ....
    Pippa Britton
    I love this game & have played it a lot. Got to level 114 & an update wiped all my data & I had to start all over again. Now I am (was?) at level 240 (yay!) but software update has forced me into an update loop - I open the game & it tells me I need to update - hit the button & it takes you to the Play store when it only gives you the option to open & not update. Reboots & resets haven't helped & I'm guessing I've lost everything again So....great game (really great, with interesting gameplay & cute graphics) but oh so frustrating when it doesn't work. BTW contacted the developer with no response so be warned. Guess this is a mixed review....
  12. Fun game
    John Jackson
    I like this game and have been playing it for many months. I have spent money on buying boosts but feel a bit cheated when I spin the wheel 3 times a day that I've never got coins or lives. In fact the speed changes so as to not land me on either. Feel a bit cheated and im reluctant to pay for extra spins when I've paid for other stuff. Make it fair! And the review would be better
  13. What happened?
    E. Newell
    I originally gave this game 5 stars but had to change to 2 this morning. I was way further in the game at least 50 levels past where it started me off today (93). Where did all my progress go? I was on the map after the octopus. I have no interest in redoing all the lost levels if my progress is not restored I will be deleting this game.
  14. Very slow to load
    Scott Harlow
    Nice graphics and average game play. I would rate it higher if it wasn't so slow to load.
  15. Usual match 3
    Zack B
    OK, but nothing special. I HATE that it says super all the time. You could change that.
  16. Atlantis Adventure
    Drew McNallyJ
    Have really enjoyed this game.....and still so many levels to do!
  17. Debbie Plesher
    I was up in the 200 levels but after getting a new phone I had to start over and now I can't get past level 33. Even with using the extras its impossible. I loved this game but im getting really tired of level 33.
  18. Good game
    Robin Pounds
    This game occupies my spare time. I have encountered a few glitches but I have fun otherwise.
  19. Atlantis Adventure
    Darlene Knepshield
    Not easy but keeps you coming back challenging with I like
  20. Dyanna Ersland
    This game give you a great mind workout .


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- Bug Fixes
- Improvement of visual effects
- Improvement of User Graphic Interface
- The game became more eye-catching



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