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Patrick Desmeules | President and Chief Executive Officer

Patricia Lefebvre | Co Owner and Art Director

Dany Savard | Co-Owner

Reviews 53,653

  1. Credit card thieves!!! Dont!!!
    Shroom Shroom
    Fun game IF you never have to buy Ratbucks. After one purchase showed up on my account it "mysteriously" was gone before i could enjoy them. They updated my game and i was reset to zero!!!...thought it was an error of some kind, so a week later i purchashed another $12.50 worth of their precious Ratbucks...and guess what?? They failed to show up. I sent their customer service support center PROOF OF BOTH PAYMENTS..and all i got was the run around and empty promises, and STILL the $ hasn't been returned.
  2. Ummm I have a question but it is great
    Pratyus Behura
    How to earn ratbucks(giving it 5star nothing wrong..)
  3. Loved It
    Cecilia Brimsy
    I don't know what's going on with this game, but it keeps closing unexpectedly. I downloaded the game, opened it, it got to 78% and closed. Uninstalled/reinstalled and same thing. Used to love this game, and now I can't play. Sucks.
  4. Rats for the whole family. ..
    Chris Keplar
    Love this game. We got the whole family playing.
  5. At last
    Evy M
    Waited ages for this to be available for my phone. It's so much smoother on phone than on FB. Love this game.
  6. The rats online
    Kira Mccallister
    It's a really fun game to play
  7. great game
    Chrystan Dalrymple
    I love this game but it isnt compatible with my samsung tab 3 is there any way to rectify this please
  8. Enhanced silliness
    Robert J. Harland, Jr.
    & still fun, "revenge" mode done well
  9. Love Peace
    Love This Game : Thanks for helping me with my problem ♡♡♡☆☆☆☆♡♡♡
  10. Great Time pass
    Mrinmay Bhattacharjee
    Great time pass. Although reduce the time period for the recovery of injured rats if possible. I know you won't listen but still requesting.
  11. Love it
    Alyun Shah
    This is a very good game but please make a visit option in friends list . Thank you.
  12. it's really good,,, i like it....
    Suvo Mitra
    this game is very nice and interesting....
  13. Download
    Rosanne Ontolchik
    So addictive ai fun so awesome you should download it
  14. Wayne Burney
    Love it and the rats are soo cute
  15. Can't play
    Lol Lol
    It kicks me out and never works my mother told me not to use computer so I use this in my tablet now my rats are now dead fuck you intenium
  16. Shakil Hossain
    This games is really so good . But i give it 4 stars . Because this app is not downloadable in my galaxy tab 3 . So i am waiting for play this game in my tablet . So please do something ...
    Nilesh Agrawal
    Hi I am a player with player name Nilesh Agrawal. I am writing this to say that I can't access the game neither on facebook nor on mobile.. On pc it shows something like not connect to dns or sever i guess, btw I am attaching a screenshot of error shown on android app. Please resolve this because I am not been able to log in for the past 5 to 6 hours or at least since then I have been trying. It is very frustrating. The screenshot says try network again but my network is working properly as I am mailing
  18. I can't play on my tablet.
    Lisa Townsend
    I play this game on my phone but when I try to open it on my tablet it kicks me right off.
  19. .love the game
    Brandi Stapleton
    The game is fun just wish if was a little easier to get more rats. I will still keep playing but would love more rats! !!!!!!
  20. Challengingly interesting...
    Korey Clanton
    This is a fun &challenging game, and I highly recommend it!


What`s new

With the beginning of the Halloween event, a piece of soil will appear in your Den. Carefully placed among it, you will find a pumpkin seed. It is now it’s up to you to dedicate yourself to it, and cherish it so as it grows, this Pumpkin statue will eventually spooktastic rewards!
Furthermore, we have added some terrifying new costumes for your Rodents!

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