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  1. Doesn't save
    Kim Fayne
    What the point in auto saving/saving anything if you cant play it back? If you can help or change your apps settings to ACTUALLY save my stuff I'll give a better rating, untill then complete crap!
  2. It works I now have the first real recording of hell
    Charity Mattox
    Well this thing works that's for sure. I've gotten hundreds of voices in a few weeks and have a 4 minute recording of hell
  3. No.
    Corrina Tillin
    Installed then needed to install adobe air which said was invalid. So i asked for a refund but it keeps sayin "cannot refund right now. Try again later". Not impressed.
  4. Nice!
    Lenin Salazar
    Awesome app! It's real sensative to all the noises around. The audio reverse is awesome too, you play songs that you suspect of having hidden messages in reverse and have fun with it.
  5. So upset
    Ryan Humphreys
    I've used to love this app I use to catch a lot of EVPs using this app and the gain control was beautiful and perfect and helped in picking out the EVPs were really difficult to hear but then one day I went to record and it did not even respond. Its been about 2 weeks and I finally decided to email and comment about it in the hopes that this will be fixed but I will say that when it was up and running it was one of the greatest free recording apps 1 star for now 5 when it gets fixed
  6. Almost perfect
    Kester Regen
    I caught an outstanding EVP at the Ancient Ram Inn with this. I found it terribly difficult to play it back once it was saved. I had to rely on Astro file manager to help me. Please make it easier to reload files for play back and sending by email. Then this otherwise brilliant app gets 5 stars instead of 4 from me.
  7. Not working like it used to
    Michelle Dalesandro
    Now I cannot save any files. Also after a while before it stopped saving files. When there was any voices it was like static sound. No more voices being picked up when it clearly indicated on th e wave thing something was picked up. Please fix or update this app or I'm sure many are and will be disappointed and give bad reviews. Fix please thank you
  8. Not bad
    David Lynch
    Bought this, app today. It will only let you work, with recordings that it records for you, You cannot open an audio file you've made your self
  9. Finally!
    John Lloyd
    I'd wanted an app that does exactly what this one does. Now I just need some good evps to run thru it
  10. Jasmine Williams
    The only problem is I can't open my saved files can anyone tell me how I can listen to what I've saved as I just recorded 5 minutes of a voice talking nearly the whole entire time . Also can you save and send to fbook etc
  11. Simple
    Sarn K
    Doesn't put holes in the wallet! EZ to use. Better with earphone or headphone (just for my ear only lol) . Can export file to wav. Autosave when you exit is a nice feature also the meter and more etc.. Would be nice if app can play other file formats. 5+
  12. One of the best!!!
    Gary Cleaves
    I've tried several types and this hands down has been the best app!! It's an awesome feature being able to change the system graphs.. Really makes it easy to see visually with the meter if you catch something but can't hear it until you go back on the recording and see what you have caught. Love it! two thumbs up...
  13. Awesome
    Ashtin Armand
    Best app ever. First time I used it I caught a first class evp. If you are are ghost hunter and want real results you have to get this app.
  14. Having trouble
    daniel dunn
    Hi i have been using this app now for nearly a year now and gave caught some very class A evp's and some evp's giving direct answers to our questions but since downloading this app every time i play back a recordumg session every 10 to 20 seconds of play it sends out this high squelch sound on every sungle play bag but my frienda phone who is recording next ro mine won't please help
  15. Needs work
    dennis button
    I think the app runs well. A couple things that make me not want to use it though. I do not like that when I turn my phone from vertical to horizontal mode and the app is open it freezes and crashes. I also wants to be an easier way to save your recording. Would be nice to have the save feature on the same screen that you are recording on and not have to go to another tab and save it. That is annoying. If I am wrong on that and there is another way I do not know it.
  16. Great
    Ghost Hunter
    This is a great Evp recorder. Very sensitive and easy to use. But it needs the ability to highlight and play back (loop) specific selected sections of recordings. Also, performance is rather poor on my new Asus MeMo Pad tablet. Optimization is needed.
  17. If it worked it would be great!
    isabella swan
    When I replay the recording it gets all mangled my voice turned into like an android's voice and sticks
  18. Thank You!!!!!
    Joshua Glogiewicz
    I downloaded this app as I didn't want to spend lots of money on proper equipment. Not thinking this would work, I used the app when trying to communicate with one of the spirits I know is in my house. Listening back to the recording, I heard my first real slightly disturbing EVP saying "Don't you dare" in a deep dark sounding voice. Thanks for this app :)
  19. Good, but confusing
    Mufassa ishikawa
    The actual app is great, and real. But when you save a recording, it is very hard too go back to it.
  20. Its real...
    Udontneed toonothis
    I haven't heard anything on mine though, but I still play around like with a regular recorder


What`s new

AUTOSAVE function added to Preferences.
Autosave will clear memory after every save so now you can run the recorder all night (or at least, as long as your battery lasts)!
Stop the app closing through lack of memory by setting the best Autosave time for your device.

Resize code rewritten for smaller screens.

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