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  1. So frustrating!
    Anna Lavinder
    I would love to play this game, but I can't. It continuously freezes the moment I reach the level two ladder. It also takes waaaayyyy too long to get to that point since my controls seem to have a mind of their own. Perhaps this game isn't user friendly for small devices? I've tried everything I can think of to fix it, but to no avail. I want a refund!
  2. I don't ever give 5 stars but...
    C Musashi
    ... this game deserves it. Managed to get thru while game without hints. Quite challenging at times. Great graphics. Great puzzles. Just watch ur battery! Hardware: Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Ed.
  3. John Foltz
    I own this game cross platform. It has never glitched on my gs4, gs6, or PC. It is an interesting story with a steam punk feel. The puzzles can only be completed one way, so if you think the game is glitched it is not. You are just missing something.
  4. I want a refund.
    Timothy Mattson
    This game is glitched to Hell. I'm stuck at the sliding puzzle, only because it is literally impossible to use the square piece you had to retrieve to complete the puzzle. You can't open your inventory while observing the puzzle, and using the piece on the power box makes the little robot shake his head. Every guide I've seen depicted the little robot using the piece while accessing the puzzle. My download is impossible to complete, I want my money back.
  5. I want more
    Lisa Hartzell
    Loved the game. It kept me interested ,and challenged my mind to figure out how to solve each puzzle. I hate to admit to using the hint book. I'm glad it's puzzle was the same or it would get frustrating getting the hints. Please make more, I will be looking for them. :)
  6. Puzzling and Dark
    april w
    In this robotic town you're nothing but a robot that for some reason is trying to get in , the game is full of puzzles that can be so difficult you might have to take a raincheck to give your mind a break. The story itself is a puzzle all on its own , where is the robot trying to go? Definitely worth the money except if you don't like puzzles.
  7. Robot heaven!
    Carol Boucher
    The graphics in this game are awesome. The level of detail in the environments and the characters makes this game visually very pleasing to play. The game play was challenging at times although the solutions are all logical. You need to explore the environment to keep the play going. Reading is not required. I loved the mini games found throughout and the puzzles. I did find the game better to play on my tablet then my phone as some of the detail is hard to see on the smaller screen (I also struggled with the small buttons for the space invaders game when I used the phone).
  8. Loved it
    Stuart Green
    I love a good puzzle game, and this is a really good puzzle game. I had to play the 'in game video game' to get the solution a couple of times, but if it was too easy it wouldn't be worth the money. The loveable robot character bumbles his way around a beautifully hand rendered world full of detail with a hypnotic soundtrack playing underneath it all. The daydream sequences are also a really nice amusing touch. I've seen a few poor reviews on here, but giving a bad review because you find the game challenging is a bit unfair, I suppose puzzles just aren't everyone's thing but I loved it. Well worth the money and we'll worth five stars!
  9. Abel Guadarrama
    Great game , but it's too short for a 5 dollar price, without much replay value
  10. Great game!
    Erik Lindqvist
    Loved the puzzles although it was quite difficult at times to figure out what to do. Had some crash issues on Android 5.1.1
  11. Fantastic Game
    Francoise Dennis
    This game is absolutely fantastic, graphics are great. Very challenging, had to use the hint on every level the first time I played it. You even have to earn the walkthroughs. I usually delete my games after I've finished playing but this one I've kept. Wish there were more like it. Highly recommend it.
  12. Creative concept
    Jason Traweek
    Brilliant! This is an outstanding game. Creative, unique graphics and an excellent music score by the composer Floex. It can be just challenging enough to be interesting, but not overly so. Highly recommended.
  13. Jeremy Smith
    This game is frustratingly fun and the puzzles are a great challenge. But what I like most about the game is it's artistic originality. it is simply stunning artwork. It looks like no other game out there. Ive had numerous people stop and ask what it is when I'm playing it. I'm happy to pay the $5 just to support the designers and artists who went way out there to create something this visually stunning/different. I love it!
  14. Brilliantly Confusing
    Adam Yeardley
    Absolutely loved this game, the puzzles are intriguing and intuitive and the storyline is simple yet beautiful. Some of the puzzles were enough to make me rage quit once or twice but after having a break and a think I came back to the puzzle and saw it from a different angle. Great game :)
  15. Awesome, but Frustrating on Android
    Laura Neily
    This is such a creative, charming and challenging game! I was hooked pretty quickly. I only wish that the visuals and/or controls had been adapted for mobile users to make it more user friendly. I am unable to progress past the arcade puzzles because the Space Invaders game is simply too small to properly control, my fingers keep mispressing the tiny buttons or accidentally closing the mini game right before I complete it. Very disappointing as I was enjoying it so much! Hence my not giving a full 5 stars.
  16. Annoying
    anneliese Fisher
    It didnt work well on a tablet. Not responsive enough. Found it very frustrating. Annoyed i paid for it to be honest.
  17. Great game
    ILuvSkrubz Pirate Dread Roberts
    I highly recommend this game to anyone who's looking for something new and exciting! The game is dark with a interactive world. To all new players I HIGHLY advise you to use to cursor. Click on the cog on the bottom of the screen by pressing the star up top. This will make thing A LOT easier. I only have one complain however, I'm currently stuck in lowtown (the cat puzzle) and well I have everything set up and ready but the game hasn't added my wire to the inventory so that I can add it to the railing.
  18. Great puzzles but android controls
    Phil Kedward
    Are not quite right. Zooming in helps but it has a habit of sending the robot off walking to your finger instead of registering the zoom swipe. Also, the space invader game is the worst controls for a phone I've ever seen. Buttons far too close together for my fat fingers!
  19. Good game, bad port
    Pablo Arias
    The tapping adaption to this game is not really good, sometimes it was stressful because I didnt get the needed tap. The game is amazing.
  20. Beautiful little game
    Natalie Yang
    Interesting puzzle game with a cute little story. Worked perfectly on my LG G2. Was a little difficult to play the space invaders bit because the buttons are quite small there but either than that it is a beautifully made game. No glitches/bugs on my side. Big thanks to the creators and designers :)


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