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  1. Scoring broke
    Terry Schofield
    No matter how many points I rack up, my final score is always 20588. No high score tracking. It used to work until the last update.
  2. USED TO Love it..Can't enjoy with NOISE!
    Jennifer Murray
    On my Droid Maxx I could mute the silly sound effects. On my new Samsung Galaxy s5, I cannot mute even on the PURCHASED version. Not everyone needs or wants audible stoking while relaxing. UPDATE YOUR APP TO ALLOW A PURCHASER TO CONTROL THE NOISE!
  3. Jellust is awesome
    tiffany fabian
    I love to play this game whenever I get a chance, because it's quite entertaining and mind soothing
  4. Fun game
    Brent Engelhart
    Fun but wish it would gave more and more challenging levels. Worth the payment... there are no ads.
  5. Linda Kostick
    My scores carry over now but when the game is done, my final score is always 25251 no matter what my real ending score was. My final score is also never saved. Still, the game is fun and addictive.
  6. Love it...
    Robert Ramirez
    Updated to HD, I've been playing this for a couple of years now. Just installed it again on my new SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 4 and still ROCKS!!!
  7. Jewellust
    Susan Lewis
    Love the game, the graphics and the options
  8. Thank you!!!
    Judy Judy Judy
    It's carrying forward my scores again. I'm so glad that it's woking. I really missed it. Love this game!!!
  9. Still playing
    Stephen Kendall
    I have completed this game over and over. I can now play each level, completing each level, before I run out of time.
  10. chris brubaker
    Still won't save in survival mode...Samsung galaxy note 3
  11. No connection - no play. Don't buy.
    Al Vok
    If you want to play, let say, on airplane don't buy this app. It will not even start if there is no connection to Internet. What's the point of having this game on the phone then? UPD: Thank you for answer. I played the game before boarding to the airplane but game did not work as you said "normally" Neither on my tablet nor on my phone.
  12. Disappointed... No Longer!!!
    Luke Cole
    I used to have issues with saving but the folks at smartpix got after the issue and solved my problem! Thanks for fixing one of my favorite games!
  13. Amazing
    Nick zuke
    Very addictive game add more levels plz it's too short
  14. Most addicting
    Joel Horrell
    Game of its type looks massive on my tablet though. Maybe make a tablet version with more rows
  15. Fantastic...
    Voluptuous Donna
    And so much fun....beautiful work! I love the update WOW thank you!!!
  16. Jewellust Android
    R. M. Lockerd
    The latest version that updated on my Samsung S3 has really screwed up my enjoyment of the game. It not only wiped out my prior high scores but, more annoyingly, it wont let me pause a game and come back to it later - it simply restarts. Since a game takes a long time to complete I have been able to complete only one game since it updated and have lost hours of play due to the restart feature
  17. Old school match 3
    Brian Williams
    This was one of the first games I installed on my OG Droid. Glad to see its been polished for modern phones.
  18. Deleted profile
    Debbie Hall
    Do like the game but I am having issues saving and exiting game especially when trying to have two profiles, I keep losing my progress. I will uninstall if this keeps happening which is disappointing for a paid app as it looked like it had good potential. If I can sort the issue will give more stars.
  19. Nice Game
    Yasmin Clarke-Greenlee
    Fun game but I wish that you could add more levels because you could finish this quite fast. Please add more levels
  20. Ok
    victor andrade
    Well ok but it feels like im back to stone age wtf since i buy the game couple months ago and it was good 2yrs ago how the heck it feels like its a old game they need to make it betta need more work for my taste too bad i cannt get my money back hope they make it as good as it just to be


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