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  1. Fun and Challenging
    Endless Surprises
    If you're a quilter, you will find this easy. I like it because it's just challenging enough to occupy my mind, but not seem impossible. YES! YES! I've finally found you again! My first phone failed, and I forgot who made the app. I've been looking for you ever since. *NOTHING* has filled the void of the pleasure I had playing this game. Looks like I've found my #1 keep-me-occupied app and I couldn't be happier! UPDATE: 7/6/15 - Still loving this game as much as I first found it!
  2. Great game
    Raheela Ahmad
    I have finished all of them. Except 19 pieces, level 5. This one is hard. And the only one left. Anyone?????
  3. Its ok
    Tasha Black
    Cant get passed some levels on 9 pieces
  4. LOVE IT!
    The Puggie Channel
    It starts off easy but gets hard later on! It's great that you can skip a level if you get stuck!!!!!
    Sophie Jarvis
    Wow. Finally a game I love and haven't got bored of. This is a great puzzle game, starts of easy, but gets really hard. It's very addictive and a great time waster :) I often find myself on it when I have nothing to do. Worth a download. I love it
  6. Kathleen Ryan
    I love doing puzzles and puzzles games and I love this one. If you don't like puzzle type games you won't like this one.
  7. Thoroughly enjoyable; top game!
    cabana lala
    A 'puzzle' game in the true sense of the word. You can jump straight to harder levels if you don't find it to be challenging enough and there are other levels that vary theme. Runs well; no crashes so far! One small critisism- the sound of placing the shapes is a bit piercing; would be nicer if the sound was a bit more rounded. Less sharp on the ear.
  8. Awesome
    Katie Hall
    I think that it is OK because it makes your brain think a lot on where to put the peices !
  9. I love this puzzle game
    Sonia Toney
    Brill game. Keeps the mind busy and you'll never tire of it!!!
  10. Hana Weheba
    The game is pretty awesome but every time I finish the levels and want to reset it I have to Uninstall the game.
  11. Very addictive
    Ken Amber
    Went through10 levels before I stopped the first time
  12. Color fill
    Daya Sole Garcia
    I think color fill is a good game. This is because if you don't like maths that much, it can help you with your problem solving skills.Also its full with fun, exiting puzzles for you to do.
  13. Peggy Bailes
    Finley a pleasant puzzle game that kills time and mind problems, a just; injoy the moment.
  14. Challenging
    Katherine Ensign
    If you enjoy puzzles you're gonna like this game
  15. Addicting!
    sherri holston
    Very simple, yet challenging game. Clean simple design.
  16. Charolette Holland
    A fun puzzle game where you cannot lose the pieces.
  17. Color fill
    Diane Coates
    I really love the way it is set out.But some ones are harder than others
  18. Mykala Ashe
    Great puzzle app but they should add more levels
  19. Color fill
    Anita Derrick
    I really like this one. Hard but not too hard.
  20. Its a fun game
    Lori White
    It's the only game I really like my little one taught how to play it and I am hooked!


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