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dtv satellite finder
dvb t tuner app
erg data
hdtv antenna
hdtv antenna pointing
hdtv calibration


Reviews 20,897

  1. Great and helpful app
    James Brown
    I used this app on galaxy note 4 and had no problems whatso ever wonderful app . I found the app works best when the phone is landscape on a Window seal now got perfect reception .
  2. Perfect
    Alejandro Garza
    Installed it and the the compass instantly popped up, pointed the antenna in that direction and started getting perfect reception. This app couldn't be better.
  3. Odd arrows
    Stuart Halliday
    The arrows to 2 local masts keep changing direction when tilt my phone. Do I hold my Note 4 vertical or horizontal?
  4. Doesn't work
    shawn tane
    I turned GPS on \u0026amp; it still didn't even go past blue screen with progress circle. In gonna leave on for awhile before I uninstall
  5. Doesn't work right
    Allan Mackay
    The only part the does work is where the tower location on the map. The other screen the arrow to point where the signal is. It just spins around.
  6. The best signal finder!
    Anna Artiga
    Easy 1, 2, 3! Just download, open, and follow arrows!
  7. Works great
    John Robinson
    All of the towers in the Tampa Bay, FLORIDA area are located in pretty much of a straight line from my location. Simple to align the antenna.
  8. Fantastic app with only one drawback for me.
    Don Mc
    This app works great for helping me set up my antenna. The only draw back is the compass in my phone is not that accurate or stable. A bearing or compass heading on the arrows would be a big help in initially getting things started.
  9. Simple and precise
    Ashley Robs
    Simple and precise. cannot fault it perfect 10/10
  10. Channel
    Rich Schenk
    I don't like how it doesn't show the channel number
  11. Nice
    Thomas Harrell
    Is this the best one for free? Maybe. Scale of 1 to 10 i'd give it a 7.5. It will help you find a signal. Just won't tell you how strong the signal output is. This way you only have to set up once.
  12. Excelente
    Nick Risaro
    Hace exactamente lo que se espera que haga, muestra la ubicación de todas las antenas.
  13. Canada
    Mathew Pinard
    Nothing for Canada but it looks promising. Useful for cordcutters.
  14. Excelente~~~
    Vicky Roldán
    Excelente aplicación, con esto convencí a varios de instalar la Televisión Digital Abierta. Uso LG L9 con Android Ice-cream sandwich
  15. Near channels
    Mark Borgmann
    App loaded and found our closest station only 9 miles away. Next closest is over 65 miles and did not show up. / Edit: I found and tried changing the local stations function but there was no change. Samsung Galaxy 3. Thank you for your app and your response.
  16. David Hine
    Wouldn't even load up waste a time :@


What`s new

• Important layout fix for people who need bigger fonts.
• Layout fix for big tablets.
• Updated information for the US.
• US: The RF channel is always shown and it's more clear which is which.
• Layout improvements in how the channels of an antenna are shown.
• The app can now add lots and lots of antennas to the map much better, now it splits the job so the UI doesn't freeze.
• Many external libraries updated.
• Internal changes and bugfixes.

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