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  1. Super fun!
    Tillman Lerner-Thomas
    This game is totally awesome! Super fun, totally hooked. The only problem is to play without having it crash, I have to turn off all my internet. Besides that, really fun, funny and awesome!
  2. Never played, just crashes
    Ryan Lee
    I got a galaxy s4 android 4.2.2. The game just closes down at title screen or randomly before it. Never once played it.
  3. I already own the PC version...
    Benjamin Coo.
    I really love this little game, I like being able to battle various monsters to level up and also acquire gold through effort. The ability to buy gold is great because the blacksmith is based on chance and it can be a real gold sink. Quests are fun so far and have decent dialogue. However cloud saving should be useable with one's Google Account not with an additional account requirement. A must have feature.
  4. Great game classic role play with depth & style
    Brian Moy
    With latest update, expansion pack works to purchase to play past the Tear. Really enjoy this. Good turned based role play, difficulty requires grinding which I don't mind. Pixel graphics, chiptune music and sound effects, classic nerd references, and winning hard battle all very satisfying. Non-linear adventure and lots to do. Great dialogue. Fun for a few minutes or an hour.
  5. Meta-RPG rocks!
    Akhyar Amarullah
    So you're playing as a bunch of folks who play a tabletop RPG. There are a lot of lame and fun jokes too :))
  6. DLC issue fixed
    Jacob Arnold
    Updated and i can finally purchase the DLC.
  7. Great game
    Gene Clark
    Love this game, reminds me of old school games. Love the necromancer the best, fun fun. Keep up the great work guys
  8. GOTY
    Noah Oh
    This game is super awesome! I have Never played anything like this before! Gg I hope you make more than 2 of these! ;)
  9. DLC unplayable!
    Helton Furtado
    Still can't play the DLC, I bought it months ago, but still can't play, it keeps asking to buy it again. The latest update won't fixed it.
  10. Kept me entertained
    Glynner Me
    I've played better but this is still very good. Nice humour - some genuine laughs to be had here.
  11. Best. Mobile. Game. Ever.
    Chris Anderson
    Especially if you are an old school RPGer. This is one of only three mobile games I have ever played for more than 20 minutes. UPDATE: I want to buy coins to start a new game. I can buy coins! Now, where's Haunted Fall?
  12. THIS RPG
    David Cuthbert
    Is what I was looking for in the app store for a month, we'll worth it and very entertaining, no silly additional in app purchases to make the game winnable, just there for people that don't like to grind old rpg school style
  13. Doesn't work for HTC M8
    Nathan Secrist
    Hopefully this will be fixed in the future!
  14. Does not work on HTC One M5
    Christopher Healy
    Purchased and always crashes after title screen. Waited to rate until a few updates still does not work.
  15. Android 5.0 won't go pass logo screen
    alucard wingates
    I got a nuvision android 5.0 today and can't load the game I loved playing it on my old phone would you please fix this.......
  16. Wanted to try but won't open....
    Mark Doerner
    Just bought the game after reading reviews and thought it looked fun. Tried to load it multiple times and reinstalled twice. Gets to paradox loading and makes a noise then closes out. HTC ONE M8.
  17. HTC can't play!!
    Dan Nissen
    This is a fun game I loved it on my old phone. I got now a HTC m8 and now it won't even load. So if you have HTC don't buy until they fix it. If you have other devices this is a fun game you'll enjoy if you like this style of game. Personally I think it's great :-)
  18. Vitandus Sheen
    I enjoy playing this game more than most of my pc games, and that includes a fallout and elder scrolls title! If you've ever pen and papered in real life it captures the mood of a typical group to a tee, very funny at times and always with the endless monsters for no good reason than dice rolling, lol. I'm absolutely won over with this app, best game I've played since Skyrim.
  19. Jad De Guzman
    I CAN'T PUT IT DOWN! This game is beyond words; I've been looking for a great RPG for android since forever, and here it is! A little tip - I think your phone should have lots of working memory, since it takes quite a lot to power the game. Aside from that, get ready for one of the most addicting adventure games you've ever played! Developers, if you're reading, how about a promo code for some gold LOL.
  20. The game still crashes on open, two months later!
    Andrew McClees
    When I go to open it now, it closes right after displaying the paradox logo. Would love to play the game again though.


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