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Flávio Miyamaru | Partner CEO at Tapps Games

São Paulo e Região, Brasil |

Renato Lochetti | Product Manager at Tapps Games, CSPO

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil |

Bruno Barbosa Ramalho | Game Designer

São Paulo e Região, Brasil |

Epaminondas Neto | Game Designer at Tapps Games

São Paulo e Região, Brasil |

Reviews 49,199

  1. Parents Beware
    Mark Scheidler
    The game stops frequently saying that the child is tired, offering to renew energy if more time is purchased. I despise games that prays on toddlers to spend money through their apps. My phone is blocked so he can't buy time but praying on kids like this is pathetic. Parents beware. Uninstalling!
  2. Beware of your purchases
    Larissa Wong
    The game itself is fun. What I'm upset about is that there is no disclosure that the other 2 countinents are not going to be released. According to the company website this game is on hold. So I wish I would have known this before spending $5.99 to purchase more energy that I won't be able to use because the game is really over after the 3 continents.
  3. I guess...
    Monika Menke
    I have this downloaded for my son who's 3 and loves Dinosaurs. And he wishes to continue to the next levels, but unfortunately we can't because you haven't unlocked the other continents and its frustrating because i have to tell my son no. So until the problem is fixed I'll be keeping it at a 3 star rating
  4. Good game
    Branden Morris
    This is a pretty fun game I love it, but I'm more of a war gamer so I must uninstall this game. But I do recommend it if you're interested in being a paleontologist. :3
  5. Lacks gameplay and information
    NetaSamurai F.B.M.
    1)Energy consumption is fast.2)Regeneration is slow.3)Only few fossils while on real life there are hundreds.4)Lacks information about dinos.5)Fun!
  6. Allen Palmer
    I love the game but my iPad messed up and I was done and waiting but as I was saying my iPad messed up so I had to reset my iPad now I'm all the way back to the begging XD Epic fail
  7. Super fun, but disappointing.
    Cassandra Rowland
    I loved this game. It was super fun. But now, totally disappointing. I have unlocked and cleared all continents and dig sites that are unlocked so far. Wish an update would happenbfor the other continents. Pretty sad. :(
  8. very nice app
    Fawaz Bilal
    Wow I like This app very very very very very very nice and nice and nice game ♥★♥♡☆♡☆♥★♥♡★☆■■■■
  9. New Lands
    Ghostly Angel Shadow
    This game is super fun but it needs to unlock the other two lands! I've finished the 3 that are there...
  10. Great!
    Caleb Matthews
    I hope all Continents are unlocked soon,and for those who think they finished,with all amber,and Dino bones,you are wrong!You still have to dig every block out of every dig sight!Trust me!
  11. New lands
    Kristy Locke
    This game is super fun and i wouldve given it 5 stars if the other 2 lands were open. Right now i have a game i am unable to play further as ive finished the first 3 lands. Please open them!
  12. Meagan Ball
    Love the game but ive finished all 3 continents now what am I supposed to do please please please unlock the other 2 continents
  13. Good game, But....
    tracy mk
    When are the other two continents unlocked? We found all dinos and Amber! Hurry up and unlock them,.....please :-)
  14. Awesome
    Fowl AJ
    Loved it soo awesome only reason I rated 4 stars not 5 is because I have some suggestions, plz update so I can get asia and america, also make energy easier to get, and for some reason 1 time a day it lets me watch a video to get it, plz make it unlimited times, question, what does amber do?
  15. Needs to update
    pablo castellanos
    It's a great game but the new lands need to open soon, once the game is updated I'll give it 5 stars
  16. I love this game but there's something i wanna talk to you about this other game
    Penny Thompson
    I know you guys don't run the game 'jurrasic world the game' but if you can, can you please talk to them, i really, really wanna download that game but i cant because it says 'your device is not compatible with this game' i would commet on their game but i cant because i have to download the game first BUT I CANT! Im sorry that im bothering you guys but im really angry and sad
  17. Dino quest for my son
    Bree McGaffey
    I downloaded this game for my son and it has not disappointed. He loves seeing the skeletons transformed and telling me everything he was learned about them in the museum.
  18. Wats taking so long
    Ryian Mayfield
    The other two places need to hurry im get bored its been about two months since I finished the others
  19. Nice little game
    Peter Johnson
    Good little Dino digger game. Will be nice when they release more content as it's quite short. Also finding amber can be very frustrating. Especially when trying to find the right campsite when already found the bones as it's not marked.
  20. Love
    Morgan Way
    I have finished the first 2 but wouldn't u want ur energy to be full in a different place e.g. If ur in Europe and ur energy runs out u can go to Australia and u will still have energy. Also when r the other two world's going to be in there?


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