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ядерная война


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  1. 2 things
    Ivan Betsko
    I love this game but it needs autosaves and the ability to use the 2 special power things at the same time not just 1 thx i will then give it 5 stars
  2. Desperately needs an autosave
    Steve Rushton
    Good visuals (apart from the cartoon-ish looking missiles), gameplay is fun, but without an autosave its pretty pointless.
  3. Please please please...
    Jonathan Hartshorn
    I would totally have given this title five stars but for one thing (and is kind of a big one...). This game needs an auto save feature. I can't tell you how aggravating it is to work up to be the dominant power in the world, then you get a call.. Back to the beginning with you. But, that's it... Everything else about this game is awesome.
  4. I nuclear war!
    Kimani Coye
    This game is by far the best mobile nuclear war simulator EVER! Not only are the game mechanics great, but the enire has an aesthetic appeal that keeps you going back for more. I recommend this game to anyone(especially those that loves strategyhistory and/ or nuclear war games, lile Defcon)
  5. Visually appealing
    Landon Circo
    This game looks great and plays great! However at times it can be hard to distinguish your own sites from your enemy sites. In addition to that there is one form of game mode. I wish there were more
  6. Absolutely Astonishing
    Casey Zavala
    This game so ridiculously fun, providing the perfect blend of beautiful graphics, and easy-to-use interfaces, as well as really, really fun gameplay. But, this game is in desperate need of a saving feature, whether it be automatic, or manual. If you get really into a game, and have to go off to do something, that's it, kiss your game goodbye. When (or if) that feature gets added, everyone will be so much happier with this game.
  7. Best strategy game I've played in android ever.
    parker jeon
    This game is best strategy game I've played in android ever. I would like to give this game five star but it doesn't have save feature which can be annoying.
  8. Best game ever
    Krystopher Roberts
    Other that not being able to get world peace amazing game. Get world peace to work and it will be best game ever. Keep up the good work.
    Josh Saenz
    Game is awesome. Ill play either way but deff need more.. weapons. Like SUPER WEAPONS
  10. Enjoyable, with severe design flaws
    Orr Paradise
    Overall the game has much potential, however the devs must implement at least one of the following: SAVING or additional (shorter) game modes. In fact, in my first (and longest) play through I annihilated all my enemies and even conquered every nation, but the game still did not end (and no victory was recorded).
  11. It's ok
    Lv Sims
    Besides not having autosave, I don't like the fact that when you are manually defending your nations, the missiles have a tendency to strike missiles that are not a threat to you
  12. Xieneus Jong-Il
    A well-crafted hybrid of Missile Command and DEFCON for mobile devices, all it is missing is an auto save function.
  13. Does not work
    Jon Mac
    I have an HTC One m8 and the game does not work every time I try to open it I see nothing and the game closes it looks super cool and I would love to try it if it worked
  14. Absolutely worst tutorial ever
    T. Dworakowski
    I have no idea what the buttons in game are or do and tutorial explains basically nothing. Not worth the money and effort.
  15. One of the best mobile games
    Gordon Adolphson
    There is room for improvement of course. But as it is, it the most underrated game on the app store. A really unique concept I can't recognize from any other game. Keep improving!
  16. No autosave
    Charl de Klerk
    I would give 5 stars, but can't and won't recommend it until it has an autosave. I'm only playing the game on easy and won't commit to playing harder games until I can save my progress. It also needs a better tutorial
  17. Autosave
    Ryan Wheeler
    Absolutely needs an autosave feature. Is almost pointless without it
  18. bob wen
    I loved it but it could use more upgrades and bigger nuke's
  19. Difficulty
    Jose Jimenez
    The game was rather short in my perspective. But not only that, difficulties should be able to change regardless of what "country" you start with.
  20. The first of its kind
    Tucker Patterson
    This game is the first RTS game that is not turn based that I found on mobile. It is an excellent game with grass graphics and takes a lot of strategic expertise. It could use an autosave a little better tourturial.


What`s new

- Fixed bug where the game crashed on Pixel Phones
- Added Simplified and Traditional Chinese Localization