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  1. Simply not working,
    Tony Swales
    WIll not let me add my phone number. Will let me add an incorrect UK one though. I am sure the swiss authorities would take a very dim view of this, Really do not see the point of this. Just dial 112 in an emergency the phone network can locate your position anyway. I am trying to add my Swiss number in Switzerland. and Yes the mobile network in Switzerland knows your exact loaction without this app. Cannot speak for other countries.
  2. Good cause
    Dylan Marriott
    A good idea which will save lives. You have my respect for that. But seriously, that UI is just terrible and full of annoying alert dialogs. Makes me doubt that it actually would work in an emergency.
  3. Aberage app
    Yvan Broccard
    It would be convenient to have an explanation about the two different keystore the app is using to keep cards. It ask you to choose between two totally unknown and you have to pick one... Probably some inheritance from the app being built on IOS as main platform but does not apply to android. Could maybe this feature being implemented into the app itself ? Not talking about user friendliness of the app, awful. Clears fields, default birth date is today! Default country is not guessed, phone number as well!
  4. Raphael Zick
    doesn't work with pass2u (opens a broken link in Google play): problem is apparently for pass2u app. works fine with passwallet.
  5. Super, mais pas adapte aux frontaliers. Great but not suited to trans-border.
    Gilles Gravier
    Si vous etes frontaliers et voulez installer l'appli et l'utiliser sur votre telephone non-suisse, vous ne pourrez creer une carte de donneur ou un E-ID. Pour pouvoir les creer, il sufit de modifier temporairement votre profil (bouton de la roue dentee sur l'ecran principal), de mettre que le pays de votre telephone est la Suisse (+41) et de valider. Vous pourrez ensuite creer les cartes EID et donneur... puis vous remettez votre numero d'origine. 5 etoiles quand il n'y aura plus cette stupide facon de cont
  6. Great
    Yves Nagler
    Working fine so far, including a test call - hope I'll never have to use it though! However in case I will it'll be much easier and quicker than trying to remember the correct emergency number, especially in a foreign country!
  7. There's no name if my country
    Shahadatullah Foysol
    Great app. But i think there is a country named "Bangladesh" in the world. Will give 5 star after adding this.
  8. Samsung Galaxy S3 - Android 4.3
    Adrian Gaggero
    hope I never have to test it till the bitter end, the app is buggy for now, but with so much brainless apps on the markets it's reassuring to see that someone still uses his head to come up with good concepts to help improve people lives with technology! kudos! (give feedback, help improve it, stop whining...)
  9. Nice
    quantum bme
    Nice evolution of my144 (finally) on Android. A lock screen as we had in my144 and more a "no need to unlock" widget should be great. Good continuation. ..
  10. Essential life saver
    Peter Corcoran
    You would be a fool not to download this app.
  11. Telephone number change
    paul franklin
    As my phone is using English I cannot put my Swiss number in to register it and so cannot even use the app. It won't let me change from United Kingdom in the country menu. Please amend this so I can use the app.


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