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  1. Love it
    Hector Pena
    Lots of fun. Only reason why i give it 4 stars is because it is saying i did not get all my treasure and people in act one but I did!!!!
  2. A dissapointment
    Ewan F
    This game was fun to start, but boring to finish. The only reason I did was for acheivements, when I realised they were bugged. I 100% completed the game and acheivements when I realised I missed out on 31,500 xp, very dissapointing for a completionist such as myself.
  3. Fun, short, moderate difficulty
    Derek DenHartigh
    There's a glitch, I have 70% for peeps and treasure found in act 1, but I've found all the treasure and people in the game. 2nd boss was harder than the final too. Also I got the extra 5 sec on the trial runs after I got 3 on all... wa wa wawawwa
  4. IT'S good but boring
    spoonbender evan
    There is nothing wrong with the game the controls are fine and the art and music are great but after the first few levels it just get boring and repetitive and at some parts frustrating I gave it 3 season because it would be a great game if there was things to upgrade and level up and more things could do besides moving jumping hitting things with your sword and shooting fire balls.
  5. Sword of Xolan is a feast for your eyes. And your sword.
    Maurício D'Angelo Fernandes
    Not everyday I stumble upon a mobile game with the production value of SoX. This game is amanzingly well done, so much I'd say it's one of the best in the pixel art genre I've played to date, even when compared to gems like Shovel Knight. The art is simply beautiful, and the animations are shockingly smooth and rich. Whoever drew this was insane. The music is nice and adds to the atmosphere, and it even has some funny voice acting. The levels are full of secrets and the controls respond nicely. Great one!
  6. Charming vintage action
    Pete Ford
    This platformer seemlessly melds old-school mechanics with a more modern pixel-art style. A legion of wildly varied and memorable enemies await your hero as you hack and blast through levels that hit that sweet spot between casual and hardcore difficulties.
  7. One of the Best Mobile Games
    Kylan Hill
    Finally, a mobile app that is an actual game. The controls are perfect and I love that the player can choose where they go (though I've never used the feature, I love that you have the option). The gameplay was very smooth and got progressively harder at a decent rate. And even when you finish with the campaign you still have the challenges to enjoy. The only thing that could make this game any better was if you could see the village fill up with you the villagers you rescue. I would love to see the developers add more levels and challenges with more puzzles and monsters.
  8. Best pixel RPG ever!
    Brent Langford
    I am totally addicted to this game. The art is great, the SFX are awesome and its easy to play. I do have a couple suggestions though. Adding a shield would be helpful, and maybe other types of magic attacks like lightning that hits all nearby enemies and poison that deals extra damage and maybe ice to freeze enemies. If these two things were added then it would make this game the best pixel RPG ever.
  9. Perfect
    Gustavo Santos
    No complaints, the game is just astounding. There's an unfortunate glitch with the achievements though, which can't be completed
  10. This game is awesome.
    jim tokar
    One of the best arcade retro style games on Android. Controls are great. You can also hook up an external controller. The difficulty is spot on. Great game!
  11. Unique, and fun
    Emmitt Scheffler
    You really don't find many games that are both unique and fun, because it is very difficult to make games that puts one foot in uniqueness a one foot in fun. This games pulled it off. Great game.
  12. Epic
    Nick MasterChief
    I highly recommend this game if I could give it 6 stars I would. I think this game should get a port on to xbox live arcade or psn I would defo buy it for a few pound on console .
  13. Here's a should have idea !!
    NAV L
    This game is suppah duppah, but you should have Xolan be able to push objects to figure out puzzles to pass different levels !!! ;)
  14. Great game
    Saahil Hari
    Difficult, addictive, fun and has some awesome music and retro graphics.
  15. Friggin awesome!!!
    Chris Younger
    I think this was the funnest free game I've downloaded. Please make a sequel or something the resembles this game. Every one must try this game out!!!! Xolan is in da house!!!!
  16. Really great
    Justin Fahimian
    Challenging fun game that took me more than a few days to complete, wish there were more levels!
  17. Unfortunately good game...
    Harun Al Rosyid
    You won't get your achievements unless you play it online
  18. Neşet Sopacı
    Achievementlar koşullar sağlansa da eğer bağlantı yoksa tamamlanmış gibi görünmüyor. Manuel achievement senkronizasyon butonu veya oyunun achievementlar periyodik olarak kontrol etmesi lazım. Bu sorun dışında oyun zevkli, bedava bir oyun için gayet güzel bir uzunlukta. Oynanış rahat ve levellar bazı yerlerde akıllıca tasarlanmış. Challenge bölümleri fazla kolay, kısa ve hafif gereksiz olmuş.
  19. Best game ever
    Nick Graff
    My favorite game hands down from the play store. Controls and level of difficulty as you progress are perfect.
  20. The Best on Android
    Peter Gomez
    Lots of fun. Retro look and classic gameplay. Challenging but addictive, it is must have. Download it now.


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