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  1. Meh.
    Melody Lee
    Nightmares. JUST nightmares. I wish I could read it, it'd make more sense. it's pretty interesting to see what happens, I can't wait to finish the game. I think it's almost the end of humanity like in cytus??? I'll write a review after I'm done. The face and the wires make it seem more creepy, and the sounds it makes. Sounds broken. OK so I just finished the game (2 days later) and I think user Autumn hicks is right (see her review). I seriously need to learn japanese
  2. Here is the direct translation of the description via Google Translate
    Billy-Bob McO'Joe
    What is surely life should human beings get used to human robot if cooperation with everyone who want to become friends with people who want to be a human being just figure that you want change just form that want to be a man you want to quit robot. I'm still not quite sure what it's about!
  3. My Gawd
    Brandon Faith
    I don't understand what this fame is about. Bit due to another review I think that the game is about a robot who wants to become more human, but more human like parts require human people to die. That's why the further u progress in the game the world map turns red and the counter drops. That and all the parts have numbers by them when u create them.
  4. Its fine
    Withered May
    Its a robot making game except well like a REAL one its not like making a toy robot or something like that.
  5. Emotional
    Devi Beurdaux
    I really can't understand much due to the japanese, but I feel like this game have a deep meaning and it makes me kinda sad. Don't know why but this is a beautiful game and have a really interesting concept.
  6. Amazing
    Sidney McKnight
    This app is a must have. But please make an english version.
  7. Open for interpretation
    Autumn Hicks
    It feels like this robot has been wishing to become a human, but while you are helping it, the human race is going extinct (numbers going down, map turning red) for some reason, maybe a plague. Then --spoilers!!!-- just when the robot gains a human heart, the last human - you - is dead. The robot-human then sits in its sanctuary alone, forever the last of humanity. Very sad, the robot itself is very expressive, and the whole game just breathes futility. I loved it!
  8. Warning! Very sad
    Sebastian Blanco
    This game is very good but it is very emotional. I wish I knew Japanese so I could understand the writing but it is still a very emotional game. The ending is very deep and shocking. Everyone should play this game. It is very fun download it.
  9. Strange
    Robert Wilcockson
    This is a game that could easily give you nightmares but is a great game. There is clearly a deep meaning to this game but I have no idea what it is.
  10. Very Meaningful!!
    I would be glad if you will make the sequel for this. Please.
  11. Good
    allen smith
    Cool game but I wish it was translated into english
  12. Guys you all wanted to translate it and I did
    Dziro Noba
    It says he's like wana stop robot he wana be human he wants to make friends with humans so yes he's just really wants to make friends
  13. Good
    Kai Memelord
    Its sad and I don't read Japanese. I wish I knew what it said but its sad enough T.T get it
  14. Is beautiful but...
    Bonnie Moncur
    I had no idea what on earth was going on, it was just this robot walking around on my screen. The game is really beautiful, and has a strange feel to it. I just don't know what to do!
  15. OMG
    Annabelle Ramsay
    I look over and all I see is THIS
  16. Good!
    Naoya Whiston
    It keeps you wait soooo long but it's worth doing.
  17. Love it.
    Nicholas Cowoski
    Gives the feels in all the right places.
  18. Tali Redburn
    It's a good game, strange though. I really really would like it translated to English please. You miss so much not understanding what's going on.
    Ash Williams
    I want to know the game even more!!!
  20. Nice game but will need to translate it to know better
    Ken Shi
    Creepy but curiousity keep me until end game..


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