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Reviews 90,881

  1. Great
    Apostolos Vasiliadis
    This game is great but after you unlock every team(which isnt that hard to do)you have nothing to do.I suggest you add more modes to the game like a league where you play against all the teams in a row and there is a leaderboard and the top 8 teams play matches similar style to the real life playoffs of nba.Or you can do something similar to the world cup you have in hockey hysteria
  2. Has Potential
    Cameron Greene
    This is a great little game, but I wish there was some sort of season mode or something. I like playing full seasons, but I don't like how long the games take, so these short, entertaining games would be a good solution I think
  3. Great but needs improvements
    Dylan Sweeney
    I love how the game works and how it's so simple there's just one button but the only thing I would change is make an online multi-player mode so you can play live games against your friends then I'd give 5 stars
  4. Fun
    Tyson Afamasaga
    Fun, simple, good physics and great gameplay.Its also multiplaer and blast to play with all your friends(it gets really competiteve sometimes lol).But it does need a playoff mode or something like that.But overall 5 stars great game and I dont care about the goaltending its still really fun.=)
  5. Good, could be great.
    JJ Harry
    Very fun and addicting game, but could use some added features to keep people playing. Suggestions: some ability to dunk, improved statistics (shot % by player/location), extra game modes like multiplayer, play to a certain score, at least be able to make games longer. Also, the ball exploding at 0 time should be removed and the shot should finish.
  6. Ryan K
    Add a season mode, maybe online multiplayer?? Awesome game so far!
  7. Sucks
    Yanni Dalmares
    When i try to unlock teams like memphis i need 30 points but everybody goal tends when the ball is going in from under the hoop they headbonk it out plz make a update with whatever i said
  8. Buzzer Beater
    T DBanks
    Plz don't make the ball explode after each match. Let it until it goes in or something. I hate not being able to beat a team I know I can win against with a 3. Oh seems this is a physics game, add net physics. That would be sick
  9. Favorite game
    Kwame Armah
    Add more stuff online multiplayer and this will be perfect, next big game
  10. Good game
    Shaswat Dhakal
    Very fun, can kill time, and is my favorite game
  11. Fun
    Krisztian Budavari
    Its a fun game quite addicted and not complicated
  12. Great!!!!
    Tafari Mckoop
    Can you plz make it so we can be able to toggle sound off and on
  13. Great!
    Accel Concepcion
    I've been finding good basketball games then I came across this basketball game this is great and this is similar to the soccer version like this 5 stars!
    Cesar Avila
    One of the best sport games ive ever played you have to get it its absolutely awesome!!!!!! Plzz plzz make a soccer version or football one
  15. Great game
    Najee Dennis
    Wonder why there isn't a lot of downloads for this game????
  16. The best game in the world
    Jim Jimm
    This is my favorite game of all times you only have one button but you can shoot, steal,jump and block and it has the same rules as basket ball the only thing I would want to be added is a difficult level option note please make a game with soccer
  17. Alfonso Kenneth Cade
    I love the game I finaly beat it
  18. Jordan Scott
    Need multiplayer so I can play against my friends or if there not there play against people around the world and it need a season
  19. Great game
    Jay Coben
    The only thing this game needs is the ability to mute the sounds
  20. Brandon Weston
    Very fun! May I suggest getting rid of all the stats like 1 team being better then the other and lock cool charactors that have cool outfits and hair making you have to do challenges ex. "Get 20 points in one game". I recommend this game, had me playing for hours.


What`s new

- Ultra wide screen support
- New court: The Hill
- Team ratings can now be customized
- Teams updated
- Removed obsolete replay plugin

Make sure you reset the teams in the customization menu to update the rosters!

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