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  1. Love this game!
    Jamy Smith
    I purchased this game a few years ago & was completely addicted! Just put it on my new phone & I am enjoying it just as much as the 1st time! Definitely worth the price - difficult & frustrating, but keeps you addicted to the very end! Just wish they had another version after this so I could keep playing!
  2. Solid puzzle game
    Jim May
    Awesome shield portable support. Good puzzles. There are a few annoying things like the music. Sounds like I am stuck in a horrible 70s TV show nightmare. The other thing like acorns falling in wrong places that will force you to restart. This game is on a platform that has 15 million puzzle games. But unfortunately it's not top on my list to play. Kudos to dev for not making this game freemium though.
  3. Finally got it.
    Justin F.
    I played the demo version of Ynth last summer and loved it. There isn't much I can say about the game, but the first thing that grabbed my attention were the controls, really nice! The art style and main character are also well done. The levels couldn't be more fun, and obtaining both diamonds is a good challenge. Well worth the price (which is basically nothing).
  4. The new levels are great!
    Cris Leroux
    Addicted, and can't wait for even more new themes....water???
  5. Great game
    Nat H
    My 3 year old son loves this game and so do I :)
  6. Best game
    Tracey M
    Challenging. Fun. Music great. Animations & sound effects excellent. Best game.
  7. Addictive
    Harshit Shah
    Bought it years back and playing on my new One Plus. Enjoying it immensely.
  8. Awesome
    Kayleigh Irving
    Brilliant puzzle game. Had it years ago on an ipod and have just downloaded it again. Keeps your mind busy!
  9. Excellent game!
    Lissette Reeve
    My daughter and I love this game! The best!!
  10. Great puzzle game!
    Anik Townsend
    Great graphics, calm music and puzzles that require some thought. Each level is increasingly more difficult but luckily there's walkthroughs in case you get stuck. Definitely worth the money to buy.
  11. Love the new Moga Controller Support!
    Mark Jordan
    I bought the game awhile ago, played it with touch controls and liked it. Just saw that it now has Moga Controller Support, now I like it even more. I enjoy playing games alot more with my Moga Pro or Pro Power controllers holding my phone in its clip while I play the game(Note 2 running 4.3). Its like a hand held mobile console. Works well on my tablets with a Moga controller too(Tab2 10.1 running 4.3 & Note 2014 10.1 running 4.4).
  12. Awesome!
    Laurie Tanner
    But every time I try to load it, it doesn't work :-P
  13. Awesome
    Ku Brah
    Not invasive on permissions. Simple, addictive, original gaming, great soundtrack. The only thing is I really suck at it. Great buy though
  14. Fun
    Eduardo del Castillo
    Glad i purchased this. Fun,engaging puzzle with fun cool graphics. Deserving of the award it got.
  15. Brilliant puzzle game
    Shayne van Asperen
    Best puzzle game I have played. Only thing that could be improved is for it to use the cloud for saving progress so that you can transfer phones without losing all your progress. Also, the delay when restarting a level could be reduced.
  16. Levels are challenging yet fun.
    Lillian Akira
    This is a great game for all ages.
  17. Awesome game!
    Daniela Ayala
    I absolutely love Beyond Ynth! It's fun and easy.
  18. Fun and unusual puzzle game.
    Russell Simpson
    The cartoony theme makes this look like a kids game but the puzzles are harder than young kids can manage. Don't let the looks fool you, this is a fun and stretching puzzle game.
    Bob Carny
    My 6 year old loves figuring out how to solve the puzzles for each board!!
  20. Corner stone
    Mohamed Karam
    Great game & one of the best


What`s new

- Support for Android TV & Joypad
- Support for Immersive Mode
- Game Services Support

Android TV users: a compatible gamepad is required to play

Thank you for playing Beyond Ynth HD! :)