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  1. Well worth the money
    Hannah Skinner
    Had no problems or adds and it has so many different levels for the price very glad I brought it. HOWEVER, just wanted to warn people that it will not work on a Samsung galaxy S3 so be warned
  2. Andre Lucassen
    Very nicely made, nice range of difficulty. Also very stable on different android devices, never had any issues.
  3. Good game
    Supasin Tat.
    Fun and stable but the game is feel slow and responsiveness is not good enough on my Nexus 9 when compared to iPad 2.
  4. Aleksandrs P
    After update , latest version does not working. Asus fonepad, intel processor.
  5. Catchy gameplay
    Nick Chebykin
    But i don't like to be "pushed" in time. Limits imagination and makes you spin puzzle like a beast. Also achievement screen lags and goes out after few seconds.
  6. Disappointed
    Suzette Wilson
    Worked an hour after I paid for it then broke. Totally disgusted. Dont bother paying for it theres no point all it will do is crash your phone. Game play is great for the first hour though -.-
  7. Marek P
    Overall good game but the ratings suck big time. Solved few puzzles within 16 sec. And what do I get... 2.5 stars. Having said that I rate your game as you rate my efforts. Wish everyone had done the same thing may be you'd come down to your senses and adjust the ratings to more realistic levels.
  8. Truly 3D, fun, and 100% creative game.
    Thanh Ngo
    This game allows you to rotate an image in 3D along all the 3 axis X, Y, and Z (or along all the planes) as if you can spin a real physical object in real life. It works perfectly well on my devices. The game improves users' perspective on 3D views of objects and cognitive skills too. It is very interesting and also is a 100% unique and brand new concept (when it was first introduced). The game can be easy at some simple levels in the beginning, but it can be very challenging at the advanced levels if you want to get the maximum score for each level.
  9. Nice idea but either to easy or frustrating
    Daniel Mönch
    Advanced mode is way too easy and pro mode is hard like hell. Once you find out that the pieces are always merely scattered along one axis and that the pieces reach into the observers view if you are looking from the wrong side, you can solve all puzzles just in seconds. So this becomes quite boring. Also to find the top of some prints is ridiculous. Sometimes you have objects that don't have a top and you start randomly turning until the game finally snaps the solution. Could be done better.
  10. This is amazing!
    Curtis Shaffer
    This is one of those apps that is so good because its unique. You won't find any other puzzle game as good as this! Absolutely worth the 75 cents and I can't wait until they add more levels! :D AMAZING!!!
  11. Wonderful
    Reeva Ashton
    I absolutely adore this app. I think the whole concept of restoring an image through line and movement is just beautiful. I would just suggest adding more as it is quickly finished, and having a different scoring system for the more difficult modes.
  12. Fix the ratings
    Ryan Conard
    Game is great. It's simple yet complex at times. However, I beat the Architecture pack in 12 minutes on my first go, which I think is a good time, and I only got 3 stars twice. Even a real architect would say it's impossible to solve most of these in under 10 seconds. Props to those who can, but me... I'm only human.
  13. Rafael Ceriz
    This game has a fantastic concept. Reconstructing broken images of architecture and still life, as well as countless other things. Definitely worth my money. One change I would like to see, however, are the times needed to complete the level in 5 stars, as it seems a little unrealistic to have to complete it in around 5 seconds. Other than that, I totally recommend this app for fellow architect aspirers like me!
  14. Very fun puzzler
    Patrick Diesing
    Been looking for something fresh, this game is great and new. Really good. Could be a bit faster though, loading times seem a bit long on the new Nexus 7
    Jean Claude Van Damme
    Not a great lover of puzzles but the wife is, bought this for her...first time ever we've ever fought over a game.
  16. Very fun game
    Клим Кулькин
    I love this game, it's very fun. I love the animations and style of the game too. I would recommend this game to anyone.
  17. Good fun
    Kenny Chong
    Works well on my Nexus 7 2013. Playing on advanced difficulty, the only issue if have is with some puzzles such as a sword or rosette. Wasted to much time rotating it just to find the "top". Developers - maybe you can tweak the gameplay to relax the need to align "top" for puzzles which isn't necessary. :)
  18. Brilliant
    Brian Holtkamp
    Words can't quite do justice, it's a concept I'm surprised has never truly been executed in this form before.
  19. BEST APP EVER!!!
    Roshan Illangakoon
    It is the best app ever released on the Google Play Store! It has amazing graphics, it has lots of cool level packs, and best of all, it is so much fun! Download it now and see how awesome it is!!!
  20. Acer A1 830
    Paddy Kelly
    First game style I have seen like this amazing 3D rotation great fun trying to work out what the image is. Very cleverly done and unique.


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