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  1. Bug?
    Storm Cassidy
    I got through the first chapter just fine. But once it got to the second level it started freezing up and wouldn't respond to my inputs on the screen. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.
  2. Fab fab fab!
    Stephanie Burrows
    Loved this game. Wasn't too sure what to expect as reviews never seem to live up to the hype for me, but I'm hooked! And let me just say this is the first review I have ever even but this game warranted it!
  3. Masterpiece
    Patrick Rayes
    This game is a masterpiece im just astonished by the gameplay the graphics and the amount of time that goes by without noticing. Although clues are kind of unlimited yet it would be tough to play without them Keep up the good work
  4. ASUS TF300 Tablet - Now a portal into "The Room - Myst” :-)
    Manny Vel
    Wow, what a great game. This should have been part of the games 'Myst' and 'Riven' !
  5. Wow.
    Louis Zaidman
    This is quite possibly the best game I own on my phone. The graphics are god like and the story line is nail biting! It takes a lot for me to give a game 5 stars but this game truly deserves it! What a game! I've been playing for 3 hours straight now!
  6. cant get the game to run
    ahmed hamdani
    After uninstalling it and installing it, it worked and the game is just brilliant. I dont really like spliting the game into parts but it s cheap enough
  7. Great game!
    Geoffrey Houghton
    I wish it lasted a bit longer, but the graphics made up for it. I don't see this as having any replay value.
  8. Progress erased
    Razi Akhter
    App just exited and my progress was reset to the beginning. I have no desire to play something where I am in constant fear of losing the time I've invested.
  9. Paul Newman
    Makes me wish Myst and Syberia were on Android, but while grown up quest-adventures still live on PC it looks like the best thing around.
  10. Lovely puzzle
    Sandra Falardeau
    I'm not a gamer at all. This is my first game aside Chess and also first purchased app and it is worth every pennies. But be aware, this is the ultimate game for non gamers. It reminds me of Myst 2 from a very long time ago--the only other computer game I've ever played.
  11. Amazing.
    Westley Hadden
    I bought this game yesterday, it's quite fun. it kills time. The puzzles can be a real challenge sometimes. I really don't play a whole lot of mobile games. this is really good. I only have a few mobiles games on my tab 4. This game require thinking, this game isn't a walk in the park. It takes time and patience. Can't wait to buy the second one.
  12. Playing again.
    Jessica Jordan
    Absolutely loved this game the first time around. At thevend it said there was a Room 2, but it wasn't compatible with my device. Now I'm looking for it again but can't find it anymore, so I'll settle for a second round.
  13. Absolutely awesome!
    Jami Thomas
    If you were a fan of Myst and Riven back in the day, then you will love The Room. The puzzles vary from slightly challenging to somewhat difficult; and the visuals and sound effects/music are beautiful! I am off to buy The Room Two...
  14. Loved It
    Michael Hines
    I just recently got into the room escape genre after doing a real life one with the family. I found this this game to be really enjoyable and quite challenging. I've played a couple of other escape games as well recently, but they're just not on par with The Room series. I hope they release more soon!
  15. What a great game!
    Shawna Crosby
    This game has just the right amount of everything! The puzzles are tough, but, not so tough that, if you stop and think for just a minute, you can solve them without cheats or walkthroughs. The hints that pop up after a few minutes help, too; although they are often puzzles in and of themselves! The only problem I have with the game is that it's so short! I finished both the initial game and the epilogue in just a few hours time. I would gladly give this game ten stars if there was more play time.
  16. I never buy games this one I def will buy all!!!!
    outer child
    It's mind blowing, I do have to say I am an avid puzzle playing gamer, if your up for a challenge this is your game. Very challenging even for me, GREAT JOB!!! Graphics are superior by far. Well worth my money, I have already bought 2 and not even done with 1. That should tell you how good it is.
  17. Fixed at last!
    Stacy Sager
    You guys finally fixed the issues my device was having! I finally get to experience The Room and it is my ideal mobile game. Galaxy S3 with CM 11.
  18. A m a z I n g
    bart balkenbusch
    This is a n absolute total blast. The detailing and graphics are mind blowing. Not an easy game. Challenging but not ridiculously hard. Great job to the developers.
  19. Beautifully constructed
    Kelvin Lush
    The lighting is a bit dark but the puzzles are gorgeous! If you get stuck then there is plenty of help available, starting with subtle clues but, if you still can't work out what to do, ask again until you are practically told the answer.
  20. What fun!
    Michael Sylvester
    It has been quite some time since I've found a game that was this intellectually stimulating. The clues help if you get stuck, but I try not to use them. All around a great game, a must have!