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  1. Mind boggling
    chris wilson
    After completing "The Room" in 2 days, I find this game a lot more challenging and more tasks and testing puzzles to complete the stages.Yet again, well worth getting.
  2. Guilty
    Eric Ryckman
    I have a lot of time into this 2nd round of The Room. But I have to admit, I've gotten stuck a couple of times. Thanks to the devs! Can't wait for #3.
  3. The Room Two
    Elly Conduit
    One of the most challenging games I have played in a long time. It has changed the way I look at things :)
  4. Great game, not for the small screen!
    Richard Austin
    Played The Room on my Kindle, couldn't wait to play The Room 2, as it's not compatible with the Kindle I downloaded it to my Sony Xperia, unfortunately a 4 inch screen just isn't large enough!
  5. Room Two
    Christy Grundmeyer
    Could be awesome but it takes so much of the phones memory that it runs slow and often throws you out of the game. Then you have to start the level over again. But cool other than that.
    Cee Vee
    So enjoyed The Room but Room2 is so very dark. So much that I gave up after many tries to find the buried plaque near the chest. Even the found clues are too dark to see in the cubicles. Totally disappointed and will uninstall. SUGGESTION - Lighten up your games so we can enjoy the search and the unique art work. Not everyone has 20/20 vision.
  7. Michael Langevin
    I have never been a puzzle person...Don't know what possesd me to buy and download this, but I will never regret doing so. I have approximately 32gbs. of games, race, space, and simulators,,,,nothing has kept my attention for as long as the room two....just spent the better part of two days (I'm retired) doing the room two from beginng to the escape....As soon as my brain stops throbbing I will begin "the room"...NOW I WANT ON THE MAILING LIST FOR THE THIRD DOSE...MONEY WAITING....LET'S GET BUSY FOLKS,,,AND LET ME BE ONE OF THE FIRST TO KNOW.....BRAVO!!!!BRAVO!!!!BRAVO!!!It is awesome,,,,,THANXXX MUCH!!!!!
  8. The minds that created The Room are twisted geniuses.
    Jt Ser
    This is truly a unique game with a look and feel that is hard to describe. Once you start, you're hooked. The puzzles are just challenging enough but not to where you'll get frustrated and quit. Really looking forward to Room 3.
  9. The Room Two
    Ryerson Dodge
    This game is down right awesome, this is the 3rd time, 3rd device I have purchased it and the original Room. If you want a challenging game that will suck you in, this is it! By far the coolest game ever played. Can't wait for a related prequel or sequel. You guys rock!
  10. Great game
    Tony Fickle
    Reminds me of the game riven and myst. Makes you think outside of the box. Ready for game 3, already completed room 1 and 2.
  11. Great interactive game...
    Mark Vassar
    Fun and interactive, a little more challenging that the first but I've only completed the first level so far. If you're into puzzles a great game.. only small bit of criticism would be the story lines are a little lacking...
  12. Room trilogy please
    Matt Edwards
    From the moment I bought it, I couldn't put it down. I honestly never comment on games, but I definitely took the time to write comment for this one. Highly recommended and very entertaining.
  13. What a great ride!
    alan lee
    USE HEADPHONES!! the soundtrack is awesome , plus hearing certain sounds are important clues! This game is so freekin crazy cool..just get it ! You can't beat the'll be soooo happy you did!
  14. simply contagious
    Dani Popescu
    i'm not the kind of person that plays games on a regular basis. but playing The Room is totally addictive. if you like to solve puzzles, if you enjoy sci-fi thriller scripts with just a pinch of horror in them, or if alchemy makes you raise your eyebrows with interest... this is the game for you. can't wait for the 3rd episode of The Room!
  15. THE ROOM 3 PLEASE!!!!!
    Danielle Payne
    I freaking love this game. Not a big game buyer but will totally totally purchase all future games from this developer. Super original. Not 2 hard. Not 2 easy. Hints r awesome, as they start small then eventually tell u exactly what 2 do. I just want more!!! Like, Wtf am I gonna do now?
  16. Wish it were longer.
    marie dishman
    I completed in a few days just playing when I had time. It was tough in some spots but overall I would say a great game!
  17. Save problem
    Axel Lector
    Not sure why but the games save mechanic is broken. Every time I continue the game it takes me back to the first room? Other than that, good game nice puzzles. Just wish I could play where I am up to as opposed to start again every time...
  18. Excellent Work!
    Stephen Long
    Brings back the sensations of the days of Zork, Myst, and Riven. I have been looking for something like this. I like that clues could be disabled in this one. I prefer them to be less available. Is there any way to find info on your future releases? I am looking forward to them. Great work.
  19. Even better than the first!
    Brad Kampschroeder
    Love the graphics and sounds. The puzzles built into the storyline are challenging for all abilities, as you can either go it alone or accept clues if you are struggling. Highly recommend.
  20. Worth every cent!
    Alberto Martinez
    Not only is "The Room 2" worth for the highly entertaining gameplay and puzzles, but it is also worth for every sound effect, visuals and meticulously animated actions. The music, environment, and the way you get to insert and turn keys, push buttons and move levers make you actually feel IN THE Room. I appsoluteley cannot recommend this game enough. I can't wait for a Third Room!


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