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  1. Requests Never Themed
    Steven Andaloro
    I have had both Iride UI and Iride UI is Hipster for a while now and some of my key apps are still unthemed and not one single request has been themed. I will be making no future purchases from Froam.
  2. Absolutely satisfied
    Kiddu Sinha
    This is one of the few icon packs, that actually covers almost anything I have installed and the developer keeps adding new icons every few days. And it looks good too, so no complaints. :)
  3. Fantastic!
    Gabriel Komarnicki
    This and the Iride UI is Hipster icon packs are simply the best Lollipop icon themes out there, worth every cent!
  4. Absolutely Great
    Ethan Hassett
    This icon pack is amazing! It's the only one I've found that's well worth the money. It also includes a few dozen awesome wallpapers! (Using a OnePlus One running Exodus 5.1.1. Applied icons using Theme Engine.)
  5. Conner Holt
    Icons are great for the price, pretty material design, and the Dev is always adding icons, and you can even pay for them to be made specifically. The sheer amount of apps this icon make covers, and the consistent quality across them is what makes this icon far and away the best.
  6. So worth it
    Kevin Burley
    I love this icon pack to death, it fits so well with the Lollipop UI. Definitely worth it for its price
  7. Perfection!
    Sergey Wain-Fellowes
    Amazing icon app. Great sense of material design. Only little flaw, I find that some app icons are a little on the big side.
  8. The only icon pack i use
    RSS kamboj
    I've tried pretty much all of the icon packs on the market but this makes my homescreen glow
  9. Very Beautiful Icon Pack
    Zayed Kotayba
    I like this icon pack so much it make my device look amazing on lollipop but there is one complain is that the dev focus on including a lot of paid apps and forget some of the famous free apps
  10. The best icon pack around!
    Mia Chong
    I've installed dozens of icon packs, but I always come back to this one. The look perfectly captures the lollipop mentality, and thus blends near effortlessly with the few unsupported apps. Each design is beautiful but doesn't diverge too much from the original app icon, and thus are always recognizable. The updates are frequent too -- it's just the whole package.
  11. Amazing
    Jake Pierce
    There are so many choices and colors of different icons to choose from. There is not a single app that does not have its own icon
  12. Wow
    sloan burke
    To say I'm impressed would be an understatement. This is easily the best icon pack I have ever seen and it's incredibly thorough. Well done.
  13. Eduard Arakelyan
    Beautiful material themes icons. What this one has over other packs specifically, is more Galaxy S6 app coverage. A lot of packs don't cover the file explorer, or SHealth etc... This one does. Very nice!
  14. Ultimate Collection
    Ariza Primanda Putra
    The most complete icon pack I've ever used. Beautiful material design make it perfect!
  15. Val Anthony Balagon
    I find the icons looking bigger than the original icons
  16. Worth paying for
    Peter Slova
    Much more polished that most of the free options and has a better visual design than other material icons.
  17. Ye
    victor ignacio
    Most fave out of all the icons packs i bought
  18. Bought it awhile ago
    Rocket Raccoon
    I was looking for something bright, flat, and colorful! Iride have me that while matching with my phone Is (lollipop). With over 3000 icons, and its price, not buying it would be a Joke! Kudos to the Developer/Designer!
  19. All material
    Halo Ali
    I haven't found an app that this icon pack is missing. This is a great pack that was well worth the money
  20. Perfect
    Jarrad Tait
    So many frequent updates and so many good icons


What`s new

Added 44 new icons
Fix a lot of missing icons
Restyling many apps
Update dashboard to Pie style