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fruit games
джевел маш
долина сладостей
фрукты игра
فواكه لعبه الفواكه


Monthly active users estimation: 10,000,000


Arran Topalian | Game Designer at Twimler

London, United Kingdom |

Majid Khosravi | Managing Director at Twimler

London, Greater London, United Kingdom |

Majid Khosravi | Managing Director at Twimler

London, Greater London, Großbritannien |

Reviews 207,905

  1. Great game
    hilary baxter
    This game would be good value even if you had to pay, never mind free. Loads of levels, with the facility to skip a level. No limit on lives, so you can play as long as you want. Ads are à little bit annoying, but easily got rid of, could do with being less often though
  2. Need diamond
    Judel Bagonggong
    I'm going to uninstall this app. I lose my patience when it gets harder and harder in the higher level.It's addictive game but we need a diamond to bomb those blocks.There must be an option to earn a diamond by collecting of points so that you can use it by the next level.
  3. Annoying voice
    Debra Boelk
    So there's this great soothing jazz-ambient soundtrack for the game and then at the end of each level this really annoying voice announces very loudly, "level cleared." Talk about killing a mood. GET RID OF THE VOICE. So unnecessary!! I'll take it to 5 stars when the voice goes.
  4. Addictive fun!
    Angela Mueller
    Like the variety of obstacles (ie, bombs, ice cubes), adds to the challenge. I don't have an issues with the ads disrupting my game, like they do with other games. I just wish I could go on the the next part/section without having to complete the first part/section ... no big deal though. Great fun, time killer!
  5. Excess of ads
    Diogo Souza
    I liked the game, but I'm removing after lose all my patience with lots and lots of ads. Those companies/developers should know how to put a good average of ads on these games. #sad
  6. So far so good
    Wendy Parsels
    Just started playing today, not ready to give a complete rating.
  7. Great little game!
    Nancy Haberman
    Hours of fun! Makes you plan your moves a little but worth it. Didn't 3 start that one game? Go back and replay it till you do. Great replay value, lots of puzzles. My new addiction! So glad it is not a game that you have to ask friends for help on. That alone makes it a 5 star game!
  8. Good game
    jimmy lloyd
    Good game so far enjoying it. Ads are annoying tho.
  9. Addictive
    Eric Merritt
    Can't stop playing...but the timed boards needs some more work on them
  10. Awesome but
    Kinyetta Lewis
    Every time I get a new phone I have to start from the beginning, there should be a way to save your progress with new devices I lost all my gems
  11. Fun but...
    Diane Barrieau
    For the most part I enjoy this game but... While I don't usually complain about games this one can be very frustrating. The play is veeerry slow and the pieces don't always move where I want them. Also you have to wait for the board to 'settle' before you can move a piece again (veerry slowly) BUT the bad guys (spiders, ice, etc. ) can still do their dirty work while the board is settling (& pdq too). It doesn't seem fair if I can't move a piece, they shouldn't be able to move either. Just my opinion...
  12. BEST GAME EVER!!!!
    Scared Confused
    I love this game so much. Best part is you dont have to wait for extra lives or for a level to open up. You can play for hours. I love it
  13. pawneedeb
    Fun game and its only .99 to get rid of ads. Plus no lives play to your heart's content
  14. Good Game
    Kay K
    Would have given 5 stars but for the annoying flashing/blinking ads.
  15. Nancy Wilson
    Luck an strategy..did I mention luck. I've enjoyed this game. Someone says you can't pass 125 without buying rubies. I'm on level 580, haven't purchased a thing. Loving this game.
  16. Fruit bump
    Edwin Garcia
    Great game,lots of fun,love the vibrant colors
  17. Quick pace
    Kellyann d'amalio-dawson
    The games move pretty fast if you line up your fruit and make those pitchers
  18. Love it!!!!!
    susan sell
    The adds are anoying but it's fun to play. Better than candy crush!
  19. No longer fun
    latanya Smith
    It takes forever to get a free diamond/jewel...and the option to purchase jewels is milliner able since it just hangs as if it's trying to load
  20. Fun & easy
    Sherry Ness
    Simple but I enjoy the game. You don't have to think much.


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